Rules of conduct

Free speech is great. However, this is a privately run website, which means it can be moderated in whichever way Patrick Hall sees fit. Here are the general guidelines about what to do and not to do in the comment sections:

1. It is allowed to freely express an opinion, whether it agrees or disagrees with the opinion of this site or with anybody else. Comments will not be removed based on the opinions expressed therein alone.

2. This website recognizes the equal value of all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other innate characteristic. Hateful comments which are completely and utterly detached from reality will be removed at this website's discretion.

3. It is strictly forbidden to threaten or bully anybody for any reason. Overly aggressive or threatening comments will be removed. Continued harassment of others will result in a ban from further commenting on this site.

4. It is allowed to post links to other websites. However, these websites cannot contain viruses or anything which may be deemed offensive or illegal, including but not limited to pornography or bigotry. Comments with links may be removed at this website's discretion.

By commenting on this website, you agree to these basic guidelines and understand that your comment may be removed by this website at its discretion, not merely if it breaks any of the guidelines. However, as a general rule, the website’s moderators will err on the side of free speech.