The best strategy for success is cooperation, so any author or blogger (preferably a progressive and godless one) who wishes to collaborate in any way possible should contact me. This can include listing each other's websites as "Websites I like" in the sidebar; guest blogging on each other's blogs; following, interacting with, and promoting each other on social media; writing forewords, reviews, and similar for each other's books; and any conceivable idea. Contact me here, if you wish to collaborate.

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If you wish to send in a submission for a blog post that may or may not be featured on my site, fill out the form below. I reserve the right to refuse any blog post, and I will not accept any blog post with which I wholeheartedly disagree; this means it cannot be any right-wing or religious propaganda, but a different opinion can be valuable. I accept writing on almost any topic, from progressive politics, to writing, to science, to cute animals. There's no charge, nor will any revenue be paid, but traffic will be directed to any website(s) or social media accounts provided. If you wish to exchange blog posts rather than just have one featured on my site, send me an email (

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