The Dog turns two!

Today the golden retriever Chaplin, who plays "The Dog" in some comics I have made, turns two! To celebrate him, here are some cute pictures.

Yesterday (August 8, 2015) when I was at a party at my brother's place, we celebrated my brother's dog Chaplin with cake because he turned two (even the dog got a piece). The cake, which is shaped as a bone, can be seen in the picture above, along with the dog Chaplin enjoying the outside. The party was really a thank-you because I, my parents, my girlfriend, and my brother's girlfriend's family helped my brother and his girlfriend move into their new house, though my mother could unfortunately not attend because she is going through chemotherapy and caught an infection with her weak immune system. When we arrived, Chaplin was very happy and exploded away, running back and forth and then to all the different people who were there; eventually, he ended up next to my father, come dinner, because that is where his chances of getting food are always the best. After all of this, Chaplin was tired and slept through most of the evening, except when he got a piece of cake, unfortunately not pictured.

Below, I just want to show two very cute photos from earlier this year! (They were taken in the yard of my parents' house on April 5 and June 5, 2015.) It almost feels like Chaplin is trying to say, "Tell me I'm cute!"

Finally, here are some more pictures from yesterday. Chaplin was a happy dog (image 1) because he has a big yard (images 1-2), but then came the tired (images 2-3) and he fell asleep (image 3), defeated by his eyelids.

So congratulations Chaplin, and hopefully you will be the star of more memes and comics soon, whenever your uncle has the time to make some. While you wait, why not check out The Dog #20, which includes this comic and more: