Signs of a right-winger

The hashtag #SignsYoureRightWing trended yesterday on Twitter, so as a quick and easy blog post, with laziness factor one million, I thought I would just include my tweets, some of my favorite tweets, and perhaps some commentary regarding this hashtag. A preview: Conservatives are bigoted, ignorant hypocrites who drink the Kool-Aid and only care about that which affects themselves.

How I spot right-wingers

So here are my tweets, which includes an argument with a conservative who denied the existence of racism toward blacks.

I started off by tweeting that one sign that you are a right-winger is your utter disregard for all life that is not considered human, which includes people of color and women, though I would also like to add atheists, homosexuals, the transgendered, and foreigners. That brings me to my second tweet: One sign that you are a right-winger is that you value your freedom to practice your religion more than the freedom your religion takes away from others; when I say you value your freedom to practice your religion, I really place emphasis on the word "your" more than anything else.

My third tweet was that one sign you are a right-winger is that you hold on to long-since-discredited propaganda about how bad things like Obamacare and Planned Parenthood are. To this, I would also like to add atheism and socialism, amongst many other things.

Why atheism? Simply because it is a disbelief in gods, not an ideology or worldview. Despite this, plenty of theists spread propaganda about how bad atheists are because there have been dictators who happened to be atheists. The reason why these "atheist" dictators have opposed religion and massacred a lot of people has nothing to do with atheism, which has no doctrine or dogma or ideology; the reason why they did what they did is, ironically, found in the Bible, as I tweeted: You shall have no other gods before me (the first commandment). "Atheist" dictators are not dictators because they are atheists and do not do evil because they are atheists, but because they create their own religion in which the state and its dictator are the god, as I tweeted second.

What do I mean by socialism? I do not necessarily mean actual, pure socialism. There are no pure ideologies or economic systems, anymore: most western economies are a blend of capitalism and socialism. This is why it is so ironic that conservatives spew propaganda about socialism; they already do support it, with things like law enforcement, military, education, and infrastructure.

What most people mean when they speak of socialism nowadays is actually democratic socialism, which is a blend of capitalism and socialism, but with more of an emphasis on the socialism than the right feels comfortable with. I am jumping ahead a little bit, but my last tweet for the hashtag is that a sign that you are a right-winger is that you love an insane military budget, corporate bailouts, and war on drugs, women, and minorities. However, as soon as you hear the word welfare, then "Big gov'ment" instantly becomes a problem.

At any rate, my fourth tweet was that some signs you are a right-winger are your nationalism, racism, misogyny, homophobia... well, basically you are a fascist. And I literally mean fascist in its correct meaning, not just a random insult from a person who does not know what it means.

One sign you are a right-winger: denial of racism

One certain sign that you are a right-winger is that you deny the existence of racism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Or you make up excuses for it. I tweeted that one sign you are a right-winger is that "black-on-black crime somehow justifies cops killing blacks for no reason." Why I tweeted that is simply because a lot of conservatives seemingly try to justify or ignore racism by claiming blacks treat each other badly. And yet they cry about how persecuted they are, even though white people attack, rob, rape, and kill each other, as well.

It seems the basic dogma of conservatism is hypocrisy. "If it does not happen to me, it does not matter. If it does not happen to me, I do not care." The Facebook page Occupy Democrats shared a picture with a great quote: "A conservative says, 'It hasn't happened to me, so I don't care.' A liberal says, 'It should never happen to anyone, and that's why I care.'"

The right-winger Adrian responded to my tweet: "Can't come up with a response? Just like a liberal. You make claims you can't back up." It is funny to hear conservatives claim liberals make claims they cannot back up when conservatives make a living of spewing unsupported propaganda--the war on Christianity (and Christmas), Planned Parenthood, Obama, atheism, Obamacare, socialism, etcetera. And I thought I did come up with a response: "black-on-black" crime does not justify racism, just like Adrian would not tolerate white people being unjustly and systematically murdered by law enforcement just because there is "white-on-white" crime.

Anyway, I told Adrian to stop watching Fox News, which resulted in his rather humorous reply that he would "rather watch Fox than listen to the faux news anchors known as Colbert and Stewart," as if those two actually were "news anchors" and not comedians. Adrian continued that "if you don't want to get shot by a cop, obey their orders," which is a horrible position to take. First of all, not following a police officer's orders does not give them the right to murder, and police officers who are too trigger-happy should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Secondly, black people risk being murdered even if they follow an officer's orders, whereas white people can put their hand on a gun and still walk away unharmed (without even being arrested for making death threats).

Adrian wrote that "said racist officer should be punished but not ALL white officers are racists." Well, of course! No one has ever said ALL white officers are racists, but there is a problem with racism. This racism is everywhere, but because authority is invested in the police, it becomes a bigger problem there. Honestly, I have yet to see anyone make the claim that literally all police officers are racist; I have seen people think that claim was made, though.

Adrian claimed "there's only a problem with racism because you see a white officer kill a black man [...] and you scream racism." Certainly, something is not racist just because someone claims it is. However, when blacks are consistently treated worse than whites, then yes, it is a problem with racism; it is empirically true that it is a problem with racism. But since when did empirical evidence convince right-wingers of anything?

My conservative opponent asserted that liberal-controlled big cities are more racist than smaller, southern towns, which puzzled me a bit. Especially since racism is essentially everywhere; small towns in the southern United States are no utopia, and especially not for minorities.

I did not so much get a rebuttal as I got the accusation that I have never been to a southern town in the United States because I live in "socialist Europe." He just ignored that there is plenty of evidence that racism is alive and well in America, and, indeed, even in "socialist Europe," as I told him. Two things I would like to point out are that Europe is a big place with many different economies, some more "socialist" than others, and the "socialist" countries in Europe are democratic socialist countries, which has worked especially great for nations like Sweden, Norway, and Finland. How to spot a right-winger is that they are afraid of political ideas that may benefit them, and they have been taught to do so with buzzwords like "socialism" without really knowing why they should fear it or what it means. Moving on.

The problem with the right is that they claim the racism to which they contribute does not exist. Naturally, Adrian wondered how he contributes to racism; he babysits his "neighbor's black son and daughter," after all (and says liberals "hate that argument"). Well, that is not really true; liberals do not hate the argument as much as they just think it is dumb. One can be racist and still like individuals of another color and one can support racism without being racist. How can one support racism without being racist? It's simple, really. One can support racism by denying its existence. Just to show the kind of attitude that still exists, here is a comment I found yesterday (though it was posted two months ago):

Adrian said racism does exist, but "it has been exaggerated by the liberal media." He continued that "most racism today is in the inner cities and is encouraged mostly by black rappers with their music." I will concede that, at times, some issues are exaggerated by the "liberal media," but it is often not far from the truth; it is rather as such that racism is minimized by right-wing propaganda (which also exaggerates: "Christians are persecuted"), with Fox News trying to spin the Charleston shooting into a story about religious persecution rather than terrorism inspired by a racist, right-wing ideology.

The conversation then derailed into Adrian using the argument "go to a black neighborhood controlled by the Bloods or Crips, see how long you last," as if that is somehow an argument as to why there is no racism toward blacks. I, of course, said that his red herring of an argument is irrelevant; no one claims black people cannot be criminals, but that does not negate or justify the racism they face, especially not as most black people are NOT criminals.

Ironically, Adrian then argued that "black inner city neighborhoods" are hostile to Jews and LGBT. Not only did he continue his irrelevant attempt at proving black people deserve to be treated poorly (that's what it seemed like he was doing, anyway), but he brought up a group of people conservatives hate and discriminate against, LGBT, but I doubt he would use that as an argument why whites would deserve to be shot to death for no reason. Of course black people CAN be criminals, misogynists, racists, etcetera, but that does not excuse the racism blacks face.

Indeed, when conservatives are faced with having to prove racism does not exist, they deflect by trying to demonize all black people, and in doing so dig themselves deeper into the grave marked "racist". Furthermore, the fact that there are "black neighborhoods" is also a problem--segregation, which is caused by and causes more racism. Black people are fucked by the system.

Adrian's final tweet to me was to claim that the system black people are fucked over by is a Democrat system. While that is some mighty fine right-wing, Republican propaganda, I do not particularly care which party is responsible. I am not a Democrat, after all; I am a left-winger (and not even American). A generous description of the Democratic Party is that it is centrist with some leftist inclinations. Hopefully Bernie Sanders, an actual left-winger and democratic socialist, will get the Democratic nomination for 2016.

How others spot right-wingers

Here are tweets by other people for the hashtag #SignsYoureRightWing. Tweets included are from fellow left-wingers, but there were also a bunch of right-wingers who showcased their ignorance with the hashtag (I am unsure if the hashtag was started by liberals or conservatives). I do like the tweet about how right-wingers use "liberal media" as an excuse for everything, exactly as Adrian did during our conversation.

Bonus round: bias in politics

A conservative tweeted that a sign that you are a right-winger is that "you vote for people based on their positions on the issues" and "not their gender or skin color." That is not really true, and as Brian pointed out, "A good number of Republicans have been hating and voting against Obama primarily because he is black." I did a manual retweet of Brian's tweet, adding "Truth!" to it, and got a response. The person who responded, Lee, suggested that plenty of people probably also voted for Obama because he is black, to which Brian said he is sure many did, but that is irrelevant to the point.

I agree that both the left and the right may, in some cases, vote based on gender, race, etcetera, but the Republicans are by far the worst, as their blatant and racist hatred for Obama has not been concealed very well. Lee tweeted that, "either way is no way to make a decision like that." I very much agree, as I would like to see leftist Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States, not centrist Hillary, even though I would also like to see a female president. The right politician for the job should be elected. However, because of issues like racism, sexism, and bigotry, it is much more difficult to get a woman, a person of color, a homosexual, or an atheist elected, even if they were the right person. You simply must imagine that, through the years, more women and non-whites than the few who have ever had the chance to be president of the United States were, indeed, the right person for the job.

How do you spot a right-winger?

If you have any ideas on how to spot a right-winger, please share in the comments! (Images of all my tweets can be found below, in case you wish to use them for something, or you can download them by clicking here.) Now I will have to get some sleep, as I did not sleep at all last night, and somehow I managed to write this article, anyway. So peace out, and keep on progressing.