Dear Diary: August 28-30, 2015

It was a while since I wrote on my blog, so I thought it was a good idea to start making it a habit again. When I blog, I usually write articles on what I see as serious issues and topicsreligion, politics, and philosophy—and I will get back to that soon, hopefully. Sometimes, I have blog post about my brother's cute golden retriever Chaplin, with adorable pictures or funny memes I've made. Mostly I blog about politics, religion, and philosophy, though, as I said. However, I thought it would help me with my routine to perhaps blog, every now and then, about my life, both personal and professional, and that is where this blog post enters the picture. In this blog post, I will just briefly tell you what I have been up to the last three days, three days full of eventful events that evented. (This post will, probably, be a bit more informal than my usual articles.)

The day before yesterday (August 28, 2015), my parents hosted a party. It was, well... a crayfish party. People just eat lots of disgusting crayfish. It was disgusting, especially since I am not a big fan of any food from the sea. But at least Chaplin was there. And I thought, "Thank 'God' it is Friday! Even dogs need to party, and Chaplin is a party dog today." Remember to be kind to the animals with which we share this world, even if we do like to dress up our pets sometimes. Let them sleep by your feet if they need to and include them in family photos. The pictures below show the party dog, the tired dog, and the dog in the family photo, which also includes me, my two brothers, and our girlfriends.

Yesterday (August 29, 2015), I was out painting the town green with my girlfriend. We bought some take-away Asian food and ate it on a nice meadow, surrounded by nature and big-ass, hungry-ass birds. So that was very nice, even for the birds, which did end up getting a little bit of food. Before we bought the food, we got two plastic knives and forks from the salad bar in a grocery store (I will not brave chopsticks on a meadow with a slight slant and no fucking table). They cost a few cents each and were really for those who also bought from the salad buffet... so that was awkward. But we could eat the food without staying at the restaurant.

Neo-Nazi wedding with Confederate flag on car. More party trucks and stuff is to the right and the couple getting married had already passed at this point. Very fucked up.

After our bellies were full, we walked around the town. That's when we stumbled upon the neo-Nazi wedding. That's right: a fucking neo-Nazi wedding. Dangerous-looking skinheads flying the Confederate flag on their cars. It was rather weird to see, as I live in Sweden, not America, but whatever; far-right, extremist nationalists never did have any brains. On a related note, my girlfriend told me a story about a group of Nazis from Sweden who went to a Nazi meeting in England and were beaten up by the other Nazis because they came from the wrong country; the irony is just so fucking delicious. Anyway, it was an odd sight to see a man in a fancy suit and a woman in a beautiful wedding dress walk through a crowd of neo-Nazis at a festive location, while a cop car cruised by, "keeping the peace" (well, it is Sweden, so literally just one police car was there for the gang of neo-Nazis, but they were nice and waved to a small child... not part of that fucked-up wedding).

After that, we watched Inside Out at the movies. It started with a short film about a volcano which wanted someone to lava (puns are great, just like that short film). The actual film has been called a masterpiece, and it fucking was! The basic idea is that emotions have emotions, and the film was written, directed, and produced really well. It was an emotional rollercoaster, with many laughs and tears. I definitely recommend it, so go watch it if you haven't already done so.

Shortly before midnight, when we were going home, we saw a man on a side street called Eva Rodhes Gata in Gothenburg; he was lying down in the middle of the street and was trying to get up, but fell down again and again. So we did our civic duty by walking back to a police station we had just passed, and told them about the man. Then I got to feel like an everyday hero (inflated ego included) when I saw a police van drive away from where the man had been, when we resumed our long way home from the movies. (See below for pictures from the movies.)

The next day (which would be today, on August 30, 2015), I went to Scandinavia's biggest amusement park: Liseberg in Gothenburg (I live in Mölndal, which is right next to, even inside of, Gothenburg). I went there with my two brothers, their girlfriends, and my girlfriend. It was a fun day with rides and snacks. I even won a big Toblerone (I usually don't) and my girlfriend won a big Geisha, full of tiny Toblerone and Geisha inside of them. Below are some pictures from a Ferris wheel ride, including my girlfriend (with my brother and his love in the background), Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Liseberg as seen from above, a selfie (because you must), the Ferris wheel as seen from below, and also a ride pass (though that picture was taken at home).

As I said, we won some prizes. I won a big Toblerone, and my girlfriend won a big Geisha (her favorite, so that's good). Our victoriously victorious victory is pictured below. This may have been the first time I actually won, but I don't usually play much on the various wheels you can play to win candy or whatever. I remember one time when I was little and was at Liseberg with my parents, though; after playing a wheel a thousand times (slight exaggeration), we finally won a stuffed animal (in my mind it was a Pokémon, but don't quote me on that) and I was happy, but it cost a lot more than it would've cost to just buy the fucking thing. I think I at least broke even today, though.

I suspected the big Toblerone would be stuffed with padding so it could look bigger without having to be filled with too much candy. And I was right. But it was enough chocolate for a while. The unboxing of the Toblerone can be seen below.

The past week, I as well as some other people from my class in University arranged an introduction for the new students at our program. We played some games, had some fun, and learned some grammar (I'm not kidding; we held some lectures for them). Tomorrow is the first real day of the second year of my language education at the University of Gothenburg. So I guess that is exciting. I also have the fun dog pictured below (waiting to be dried off after being out and trying to sleep) for the night and tomorrow (I help take care of my brother's dog), and that is definitely fun!

It's time to sleep now. And after a day of rollercoasters and rides, my cozy bed will feel like one, too. (Does that happen to everyone, that it feels like one is on a rollercoaster when one lies down to sleep after a day of riding rollercoasters?) Take care for now! And please share any stories in the comments, if you have any! *insert various emoticons here*