Crazy Gaming Moments #1-2

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games. I have always been an Xbox guy, and my gamertag is MeNoPsycho, because I am a psycho who is trying to convince you I'm not. Or something like that. At any rate, here are my first two YouTube videos related to gaming (my very first YouTube video is one about a birthday dog).

Up, Up, and Away! (Crazy Gaming Moments #1)

In Project Spark, Scarlett is flung up into the air by some kind of invisible force of magic. Then a squirrel falls in love, which is surely magic, as well.

The Up, Up, and Away Song (Crazy Gaming Moments #2)

This is a silly song composed from the audio of Project Spark (more specifically the audio found in my video "Up, Up, and Away!"). This song is bad. So, so bad.