I Am Heretic #25: Fundamentalist Atheism

"I Am Heretic" is a satirical comic, often accompanied with commentary in the form of an article. Download the comic strip from this issue (right click, save as...).

Atheism is merely a word that describes anyone without belief in God or gods.

Have atheists gone too far? Are there any fundamentalist atheists who take their atheism to the extreme? Atheists nowadays, "New Atheists", are so extreme in their disbelief, it seems; simply put, they disbelieve in God too much. It's scary for poor theists. What if they are infected with logic?

But enough satire; let's get to the point. There's no such thing as "New Atheism" and atheism cannot be taken too far. Why? Because atheism isn't an ideology; it's not even a movement actively created to oppose religion. Atheism is only disbelief in gods, or the rejection of god claims. Atheism is a byproduct of theism; believing in gods is a belief, and if you happen not to believe in gods, that's not a belief, but rather a disbeliefatheism.

If all religions we have now were eradicated, so there's no trace of them, they would never come back; their holy books would not be rewritten. If the opposite were to happen, and literally every human being were to start believing in gods, then there would be no atheism on Earth. But atheism cannot be eradicated, unlike actual worldviews; all it takes is for someone to just disbelieve in gods, even if it's been a thousand years since the last person did that; they would then be an atheist. That's because atheism is merely a word that describes anyone without belief in God or gods; there is nothing more to it.

Disbelief is not belief; disbelief is only disbelief and will always exist as long as there is something to disbelieve. Nonbelief is not a worldview; it's a non-worldview. But let's take a look at the fundamentals of an "ideology" that makes no ideological claims and has no doctrine whatsoever; let's examine the fundamentals of nothing; let's see what a fundamentalist atheist would look like, in this comic strip titled Fundamentalist Atheism. Enjoy!