Free will cannot explain all suffering

If there is a god that loves us, why is there suffering? Why is there death? Why do we live in such an imperfect world? Why? Why? Why? Why are there are so many questions without answers? Why are the many flaws found in religions overlooked, when they have no logical explanation? Why do religions still exist?

Richard Dawkins tweeted, "Why such suffering? Because God gave us free will. Oh of COURSE. Free to get MS & leukemia, free to lose all in an earthquake. Makes sense." This is a good point I've long had in my mind, as I'm sure most atheists do. Free will is not enough of an answer as to why suffering exists.

Theists only look for easy answers to the obvious flaws in their religion. But that's only when they've been challenged; if no one points out the flaws, most are content to just ignore them. And yet, these flaws are so obvious one wonders how anyone can miss them, or even ignore them.

So why is there suffering? "Because humans have free will and hurt each other." That's the answer pretty much all theists give. Well, it's a logical answer. It makes sense, actually. Except...

What about diseases and natural disasters? Are theists just willfully ignorant of these things? Why would God create a world in which parasites that burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind exist? Why would God create a world in which earthquakes, tsunamis, and diseases claim lives by the millions? There's no good answer I can find to explain these things, if an intelligent being created the universe.

These things that have nothing to do with free will cannot be answered by claiming free will is responsible. And even if free will is an answer that works, as with murder and rape, why does God value the free will of rapists and murderers more than the wellbeing of innocents? If there's a good answer to that, I've yet to hear it.

There is much greed in the world. A minority of people own the majority of resources, which is a result of capitalism and imperialism. People starve. Children are born into a world of poverty and famine; they're born into a world in which clean water is a luxury. The last question I'll cram into this blog post is this one: Why did God create a world with finite resources?

Dawkins's tweet is here: