The very familiar face of terrorism

Occupy Democrats upoaded a quote by Briant Sims, who commented on Robert Lewis Dear's terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood. With a picture of Robert Lewis Dear, the meme made a very good point:

This is the very familiar face of terrorism in the U.S.. He's not ISIS, Hamas, or a Crip. He's not Muslim or an Atheist. He doesn't have brown skin or wear a keffiyah. He didn't come from here in a boat or on a raft. He hasn't run from genocide or been persecuted by a ruthess dictator. He's not a refugee, a "thug" or a foreigner. He's ours. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Brian Sims through Occupty Democrats, November 28, 2015)

Other than the capitalization of the word atheist, this is great. In fact, I commented on this comment and on the right-wing mindset to always deflect blame to something or preferably someone (well, a group of people) with no connection to the issue. I shared Occupy Democrats photo and added a comment:

Somehow, the nationalists will make this about how bad refugees are. And right-wing Christians will proclaim how loving their religion is compared to Islam, and especially every single Muslim out there. Somehow. Just you wait until Faux News talk about their facts. That's right, their facts, not the facts. It will be something like, "But what about the Moslem refugees? They may be fleeing from ISIS, but I suspect they support ISIS. So why are you persecuting Christian extremists who agree with ISIS on a lot of things? Attack Moslem refugees instead, because they may take the Quran too literally just like I take the Bible too literally. Better just let them die and not risk it, right? And Obama is a Moslem socialist from Africa who wants to destroy this country by letting in a few thousand refugees in a country of over three hundred million, most of whom are Christians like me. And the refugees may be Moslems and may be extremists. Why risk having white people die when only dark-skinned 'people' are at risk? YOU WILL DIE IF YOU LET REFUGEES COME HERE! AND I HOPE YOU DO DIE IF YOU SUPPORT WOMEN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. ALL MOSLEMS ARE POISON AND SHOULD WEAR A TAG OR SOMETHING. OR WE SHOULD DEPORT THEM AND BOMB THEM. HEIL TRUMP!" And that was barely an exaggeration.

Who would have thought that if you create an ideology of hate toward Planned Parenthood, people of color, and refugees, some people will be violent toward Planned Parenthood, people of color, and refugees? But nope, we are afraid of sharia coming here with refugees. Never mind the western, Christian theocrats who are already working hard on their own version of sharia or the right-wing nationalists who promote an ideology of racial and cultural supremacy, in which only white Christians fit; never mind that these extremists support and are supported by the frontrunners of one of the only two major political parties in America. And, of course, never mind that all the bad things about Planned Parenthood are fabrications, some of many "facts" manipulated to fit in an ideology of Christian sharia, blind nationalism, and white supremacy.

Exhausting stuff. (Patrick Hall, November 29, 2015)

Normally, I do not more or less copy a post I wrote on Facebook to my blog; I usually incorporate good material from social media in my articles. However, this time I wanted a quick article and thought this post was long and good enough. I may, however, use this material for another article, and I will certainly write more on this issue.