A free-thinking socialist's 2015

The year 2015 could have been better. It has not been a bad year for me, but I have not been working on my writing as actively as I would have liked. Even so, the year has not been completely fruitless. Let’s take a look!

Like I mentioned in last year’s roundup, my presence on the web has improved dramatically! I have close to three thousand four hundred followers on Twitter (and I want to reach at least five thousand by this time next year) and nearly seven hundred likes on Facebook. My website and blog are also visited more than ever, although only with a few hundred visitors per month. My blog has contributed to this progress, but I have been lagging in my blogging; I have written sixty-two blog posts this year, which is fewer than I had planned on and fewer than last year.

The year started with a few very successful articles. The first was "LGBT rights, long overdue" (January 1, 2015), a response to the bullying of LGBT youths in many Christian circles, which leads to suicides; the article was specifically about Leelah Alcorn. I continued with writing about the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and the victim-blaming rhetoric that followed; this includes the articles "Freedom of religion insults me" (January 15, 2015) as a reaction to the efforts to censor supposedly offensive expression (like drawings of Muhammad or criticism of religions), "The double standards of critic-shaming" (January 30, 2015) as a reaction to the special protection certain worldviews receive while others do not, and "If Ideas Were Sheltered" (February 1, 2015) as a discussion of why criticizing ideas is vital for humanity’s progress.

The comic strip from "I Am Heretic #25: Fundamentalist Atheism" (March 13, 2015).

I discussed the essence of atheism (not a belief, not something that defines who a person is, not an ideology) in one of the few issues of I Am Heretic I published this year: "I Am Heretic #25: Fundamentalist Atheism" (March 13, 2015). This theme was also present in "Atheism according to closed-minded theists" (March 16, 2015). The value of worldviews was another topic, including why uncritical respect for worldviews is bad; such articles includes "Respect for disrespectful and faulty beliefs?" (June 10, 2015) as well as "The Value of Worldviews" (June 11, 2015).

Terrorism has been quite the common issue this year, and in articles like "The fine line between hate crime and terrorism" (June 21, 2015), I discuss the definition of terrorism and how western, right-wing terrorism is a real problem.

I devoted a ton of time writing about LGBT rights later in the year, too, around the time the Supreme Court of America ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. The most comprehensive article which refutes ignorant arguments against LGBT and same-sex marriage is "Love wins battle, war against dogma continues" (July 5, 2015), but this was followed up by several articles, including "Tradition, sides, and dogma" (July 13, 2015), "The epitome of dogma" (July 14, 2015), "Destructive dogma" (July 30, 2015), and "The dehumanizing nature of holiness and purity" (August 2, 2015).

I did not continue my series of blog posts called The Dog (but I will). However, I did publish an article about the dog when he turned two! In addition, I started a new series of blog posts called Dear Diary, which are what a normal blog would be: just writing about my life. Working on Dear Diary does not come naturally for me, but I managed to publish a few of those, at least.

I published a couple gaming videos on YouTube. Absolutely terrible videos, and I will try to upload more. I have joined Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, so follow me there, too. And follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you haven’t already!


Further articles that were important this year include "The homophobic persecution complex" (May 1, 2015), "The mental gymnastics of the Christian persecution complex" (September 6, 2015), and "Democratic or totalitarian socialism and social democracy" (September 25, 2015).

My blog activity was high in January and February, but declined throughout the year, even though I managed to publish at least one article each month (more than one every month, except November). The articles I have written this year make up all the writing I have published this year and most of the writing I have done. However, I have worked extensively on quite a few more substantial projects, including a novel I definitely will publish next year. So stayed tuned!

Thank you for sharing 2015 with me, and see you in 2016!