Quite frankly overkill

The United States government spends more on their military than several other countries spend on their respective militaries combined. There is no nation in the world that even comes close to the United States' military prowess. America's excessive spending is thus quite irrational, perverse even. One must wonder how deep the right’s paranoia goes if they need more weapons than one can shake a missile at — or perhaps it’s just corruption at the behest of the military industrial complex.

There are plenty of better things on which to spend public money than weapons and war machines: universal healthcare; tuition-free college; public institutions, such as libraries and museums; infrastructure; financial support for students, the poor, the old, veterans, refugees, and whoever else needs help; free lunch in schools; free or affordable public transportation; law enforcement and emergency and rescue services; public daycares; child support; publically funded educations; scientific research; support for small businesses (but no tax breaks for large corporations or the wealthy few); support for the United Nations as well as national and international non-profit organizations; investments in renewable energy and green solutions for the climate crisis; and much, much more. Many of the examples mentioned are absolutely mandatory for supposedly developed countries.

The right complains that there is no money for anything that would help the poor, but they never complain that America can’t afford massive tax breaks or bailouts for the wealthy few and large corporations. They never complain about not being able to afford throwing money at the military industrial complex, even when their excessive spending passed the boundary into paranoia a long time ago. But what can one expect from those who fear dangerous socialist ideas like healing the sick and feeding the hungry more than they fear large, profit-seeking corporations and the world's biggest budget for destruction and death?

The U.S. has the biggest military budget in the world, as much as the ten nations that spend the most after the U.S. combined, and most of those are allies. There is no excuse for wasting such a ridiculous amount of money when it is not needed — except to ease right-wingers' paranoid minds and fill the coffers of corrupt politicians and corrupting corporations alike. Of course, and unfortunately, the military is not wholly useless, but there is such a thing as overkill, and the United States is doing just that. Even if military spending were cut in half, the United States would have the biggest military in the world — by far. It is a waste; the money could be much better spent elsewhere — and should be. My suggestion is to use government spending to better lives rather than end them.