Dear Diary: October 25, 2015

Between all the things obligatory in my life, including my university studies and my writing, twenty-four hours in a day does not seem like enough. The truth, however, is that prioritizing and using my time efficiently is not my strong suit. The last Dear Diary I wrote, which was also the first, was written in the end of August, so I really must prioritize my blog a bit more. Anyway, let me tell you what I have been up to lately.

Social media adventures



My social media adventures are going pretty well! On September 11, 2015, I finally reached three thousand followers on Twitter, and I have almost gathered seven hundred likes on Facebook. Hopefully, the rest of the year and next year will be just as fruitful as this year has been for me, on social media; I am approaching three thousand two hundred followers on Twitter, so things are moving in the right direction, at least. My writing on social media and on this blog has also given me plenty of material to use for any non-fiction books I may write in the future!

The retweets by Richard Dawkins and Jaclyn Gleen.

I have been retweeted by Richard Dawkins on August 12 and Jaclyn Glenn on September 2, 2015, the latter of whom is a moderately famous YouTube atheist and the former of whom I assume you are familiar with. My phone blew up when I was retweeted by Dawkins, with favorites, retweets, and replies in agreement as well as some negative reactions; my tweet was a quote by Dawkins which explains why the Bible is an unreliable source for information, so of course some people were offended, as their worldview is based on parts of said collection of books. Dawkins also retweeted another person who cited my tweet and said pretty much the exact same thing as I did. Anyway, it was pretty cool to finally be retweeted by Dawkins, and a retweet by Jaclyn Glenn was not too bad either. (See the image below for the tweets.)

I got the last laugh.

I also received some hilarious hate from a right-winger on September 7, 2015. This peculiar person basically just cited tweets of mine and added insults to them, just like s/he did with plenty of atheists, leftists, and random celebrities. I am not sure from where s/he even gets the time. This was not exactly the first or last time I offended a right-wing theist with something I've said or thought, but the sheer stupidity was rather entertaining.

Personal life

Just to get it out of the way, my university studies are going well, and there is not much more to comment on that right now. I have been out socializing, which is fun even though it can be very tiresome for an introvert like myself.

Here are some funny or interesting events: When I was out with my girlfriend on September 12, 2015, the girl's bathroom had "antifascism = självförsvar" (self-defense) written on the door and "pussy is vegan" written inside (according to my girlfriend). I watched my girlfriend and her band Cinnamon Beard play live on September 5, 2015, at Götahof in Gothenburg, Sweden (watch here). We had our one-year anniversary on September 27. On October 7, we booked a flight to Berlin for December, where Cinnamon Beard is scheduled to play at a little club.

All of that has been fun stuff! However, there has also been some less fun stuff. A while back, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing okay and is undergoing treatment, but it turns out she has hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, which I found out on October 15. So that is a little worrying, as I may be a carrier of the mutation and thus may pass it on to my children.

Instagram stories

Here are some more things that have happened lately, as told through my Instagram.

Just sitting in my room when I hear a strange noise. Meanwhile, outside my window...

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

Overcompensating for something? #dogs #animals #petsareawesome #cute #funny

Ett foto publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

Oh no! I forgot how to food. I FORGOT HOW TO FOOD! #dogs #animals #petsareawesome #cute #funny

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

Poor #bird. #animals

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

Happy 23rd! :) <3 #BiVisibilityDay

Ett foto publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

One-year #anniversary at The Old Beefeater Inn in #Gothenburg. Celebrating the #love with a #cute and #corny picture. <3

Ett foto publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

Broken wing :( #sadface #animals #birds

Ett foto publicerat av Patrick Hall, leftist writer (@authorpathall)

My work

Finally, I just want to tell you just a little about my work. After I published my two books, Blades in the Dark (2013) and The Winds of Change (2013), I have not been dedicated enough to just one project to finish another novel. However, lately, I have worked extensively on merely one project; all I can say now is that it is a fantasy novel with political themes, and I hope to be able to publish it next year, sooner rather than later. So stay tuned!