LGBT rights, long overdue

2015 does not start well: I recently learned of Leelah Alcorn's suicide. For those of you who do not know, SHE was a transgender girl (trapped in a boy's body) who was essentially bullied by her intolerant, Christian parents until she committed suicide on December 28. In her heartbreaking suicide note, which you can read below, she wrote, "My death must mean something."

Rest in peace, Leelah Alcorn.

Indeed her death does mean something. Her death means social issues are important: everyone should be allowed to be who they are, regardless of who they are; nobody should be driven to suicide, especially not by the two people who should be a supportive safety net throughout life — parents. Her death means that ancient, religious morality has no place in modern society. Her death, and many others, too, means the time for change was long ago.

Leelah's story literally brought tears to my eyes. Shit like this CANNOT happen. Change is long overdue. And when conservative Christians comment horrific things, like that they, too, would kill themselves if they thought they were transgender, I can feel my anger boiling right beneath the surface. It's a human being of whom they speak, not a monster; it's a young person with her whole life in front of her who ended that life because of a culture of hate.

No one is interested in lazy answers like "I don't pretend to have all the answers... but God!" Accept your child for who they are, whoever they are. If your faith makes you kill your child, your faith is obviously wrong. The year 2015 has just started and more of this will follow; ignorant bigotry must go away.

It doesn't help that Leelah's parents keep disrespecting her even when she's gone, referring to her as a boy, burying her in a suit, and even deluding themselves or trying to delude others as to the nature of her death (her mother said "he" was out for a walk and got hit by a truck, as if it were accidental). Leelah's parents ought to be tried for child abuse — and causing their daughter's death.

You can read her suicide note on her Tumblr or below.

Sign this petition to support the cause that Leelah gets the right name on her tombstone. She deserves to be recognized as the girl she was, not the boy her parents wanted her to be.

Update, much later on January 1, 2015

These are comments on my Facebook wall. A Christian girl basically asked me not to blame God, and I told her whom and what I blame. Read below. (My language setting on Facebook is Swedish, in case you were wondering, hence why "Like" is called "Gilla"; it's the same with the time zone, so it was technically January 2 in Sweden.)

Update, January 2, 2015

Here's another comment on my Facebook page, this time by a very ignorant person. The comic of which I speak is basically of a person whose depression is depicted as a small, black creature; this creature grows larger and heavier, until it covers everything. If you wish to see the comic, either follow the link in the first sentence of this paragraph to my Facebook page or follow this link to a tweet; I won't publish it here for copyright reasons.

Jazzmine continued the conversation to the small hours on January 3, Swedish time, so still January 2 for all Americans out there.

Update, January 4, 2015

Jazzmine finally made one last reply, and then didn't reply further. Good riddance, as she didn't seem to want to understand.