Hate God, love to sin

As an atheist, you hear about theists writing that atheists actually do believe in (their) God, but just hate him and love to sin. You hear about this, but every time you actually see it, you can't help but to blink a few times to make sure your eyes didn't fool you. It is just too damn irrational.

To any theist who will come across this blog post, there are a two things you should know. Let's begin by explaining what atheism actually is, as many seem to be rather confused. I've already done this multiple times, in blog posts like "Killed because of atheism?" Atheism isn't a belief or ideology with doctrine or dogma. Atheists aren't a group of people with anything real in common. Atheism is ONLY the disbelief in gods and atheists are disbelievers in gods, nothing more.

Atheism isn’t a worldview or even a philosophy; it is the rejection of worldviews and philosophies that are based on gods; the reasoning that leads to atheism isn’t a worldview, but a lack of being convinced of theistic worldviews. No evidence for the Islamic god; no evidence for the Christian god; no evidence for any god; this leads to atheism.

In and of itself, atheism has nothing to say on how one should live or treat others; there is no doctrine or dogma. My atheism is just my disbelief in gods; it has nothing to do with morals and rules by which to live. Being an atheist doesn’t mean one is a better person; being an atheist doesn’t mean one is a worse person; being an atheist means one is a disbeliever in god(s).
— Killed because of atheism? (November 8, 2014)

To state it in a nice and concise way: Atheism isn't a belief you acquire; it is the state of disbelief you are in when all theistic beliefs have been subtracted (or if they were never added in the first place).

The second thing I should write is that atheists don't "love to sin". Well, I guess that depends on how we define "sin". If we define it as "morality", or in other words as acting in a way that is immoral, then atheists don't love to sin. But all religions, cultures, and even individuals have varied views on what is moral and immoral, and religions don't seldom have a very antiquated and quite illogical view of morality.

More to the point, atheists don't disbelieve in God because they "love to sin" and don't want to follow God's rules; atheists disbelieve in God because that's what's rational. It has nothing to do with morality or personal desires, but rather rationality, evidence, and common sense. Either one must believe no unfounded claims, or all of them.

If, however, it is sinful to be for LGBT rights, or be sexually active or masturbate (not that all atheists even are sexually active), or eat bacon, or abort cells without thought or feeling, or question religions, then many atheists don't "love to sin", but oppose these arbitrary, bigoted, and stupid views of morality, even though that's not the reason why they are atheists. There's also plenty of disagreement amongst theists about what is moral and what isn't, so why is it so special and sinister when atheists disagree?

I suppose it's a sin to oppose religious law, have your own opinions, or question, though, so perhaps atheists do love to sin. At least from the perspective of a theist still living with a mindset hundreds of years old.


Update, January 14, 2015

A theist responded to this blog post on my Facebook page on January 13, complaining about how I called theists irrational (by saying atheists disbelieve because that's what's rational); she used arguments like the Bible having made predictions, so that's not irrational at all. Read my rebuttal here, in "Irrational religion".

In the meme below is a very brief conversation between another atheist and myself, as comments on my Facebook page, below a link to this blog post, on January 14.

MAKE ATHEISM SEEM SCARY: This is a meme of a brief Facebook conversation that took place on January 14, 2015, below a link to this blog post.