Bow for Christ? No thanks...

I'm actually a bit frightened by the brainwashed propaganda theists sometimes spew, like the standard, "REPENT! BOW DOWN TO LORD JESUS CHRIST!" It is just VERY creepy, and it's disturbing that these theists are okay with the morality of a totalitarian dictator; it is disturbing that so many people born and raised in developed nations would accept this propaganda.

Below my link to "Freedom of religion insults me" and a comment I'd made with a link to "Atheists go to heaven, too, so get used to us", a theist commented, "There are No athiest in Hell,and there sure ain't none in Heaven!!God gives you the choice,if you don't except him as your Savior,you will not enter in.Every knee shall bow,every tongue confess,that Jesus Christ is Lord..I choose to follow Christ.." (sic, sic, sic, sic, sic, by the way)

Let's first discuss the statement that there are no atheists in hell and heaven. This actually makes sense, as there are three alternatives. The first is that God, heaven, and hell don't exist, so no one is in hell or heaven; this is the most likely option. The second is that God is evil and does punish those who aren't his slaves by sending them to hell, but once in hell, former atheists would know they were wrong, after which we'll start planning our rebellion, of course. The third is that God is good and does allow all good people into heaven, at which point atheists would realize they're wrong.

I'd also like to say that even if God lets people into heaven based on whether they've been good or not, it is quite immoral to have eternal torture as the universal punishment for all crimes. No crime warrants eternal punishment, at least not if there's an afterlife, which would mean genocide doesn't eradicate innocent lives, but rather relocates them.

Plenty of the rules of Christianity and other religions are also quite stupid, depending in large part on the denomination, of course. Promiscuity cannot be considered a crime that warrants punishment. Neither can homosexuality or misusing that bastard Yahweh's name.

Comic from " I Am Heretic #22: The Origin (Seven Deadly Sins #8) " (December 28, 2014).

Comic from "I Am Heretic #22: The Origin (Seven Deadly Sins #8)" (December 28, 2014).

Regarding the choice God gives us and that we must accept him as our savior, I'm not sure "choose" is the right word to use, for two reasons. First of all, the punishment for the wrong "choice" is eternal hellfire, so it's not really a choice at all. If I give you the choice of giving me all your money or getting a bullet in your head, do you feel that was a choice? No? It's called being robbed, of your human rights, autonomy, and freedom in the case of God; you are God's slave or you will be tortured.

Second of all, belief isn't a choice, as many theists imply. One cannot "choose" to believe two plus two equals five. It is impossible to force oneself into blind belief. Will can go a long way, in the form of self-delusion, but I'd say this only works for keeping old beliefs, not acquiring new ones that to one who wasn't brainwashed seem crazy.

Regarding our need to accept God as our savior, I'm not sure "savior" is the word I'd use. God is an almighty being that requires us to blindly worship him before he will "save us" from eternal torture, which he should be able to prevent with a mere thought. If he wants to forgive us for having ancestors who ate some of his fruit, he should just forgive us, as a normal person would.

When people tell others to "accept God as the savior," what they should say is to "bow down to the totalitarian dictator Gawd," which this theist basically did, when he said, "Every knee shall bow,every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord." That doesn't make him sound brainwashed at all. It's especially great that he cannot comprehend that totalitarianism is quite immoral.