Things the Godly Say #1

In this series of blog posts, you'll find tweets by theists, or manual retweets of the tweets made by theists. Are they funny? Stupid? Intolerant? All of the above? You decide.

MAJORITY RULE! This tweet is so stupid on so many levels. I had conversed with this guy about morality and how human rights trump majority rule, but this guy didn't agree. Note that I included ">X<" in the tweet myself, to point out the stupidest part of it. I think you're smart enough to get it, though.

I recently had a long and arduous, though undoubtedly funny, conversation with John Pratt (@jvx242) about LGBT. I'm sure many people know of him by now, as he seems to spread like a virus on Twitter. Anyhoo, here is one thing he said, after adamantly saying (relatively paraphrased) "homofags choose to be homofags and are immoral."

And here's another fine tweet by Mr. Pratt, on the same issue. Some people aren't afraid to show their true colors, huh? The Internet is probably of help, though.

And one of my personal favorites. All my conversations with John have never yielded anything funnier. It's just so stupid that it is impossible not to laugh, even though it's bigotry. In fact, the tweet John sent me may shed some light on why he is such a homophobic, misogynistic asshole in the first place. Enjoy!

I end this issue of Things the Godly Say, not with something the godly say, but with something Richard Dawkins tweeted about a certain John Pratt (I'd like to thank Nancy Drew, @NancyDrewPI, for bringing this tweet to my attention).

Check back later for more Things the Godly Say. I'll be posting some rather nasty things John Pratt has wished upon others, including me, in the next issue. Peace out!

Update (September 10, 2014)

It seems John Pratt's Twitter account has either been removed, protected, or just banned, because all his tweets are gone and clicking his Twitter handle in tweets redirects to a 404 page, on the computer. But when I click the link to his handle on a smartphone, I find his account and it's protected. Anyhoo, it was fun (and horrifying) while it lasted.

Update (September 25, 2014)

John Pratt's Twitter account is now back in action. His silence was good while it lasted, but now he's back on track, with thoughts about police brutality, for example.