Global warming isn't hot

It's funny how whenever there's a consensus in the scientific community about an unpleasant truth, masses of people deny it like atheists deny the existence of the Almighty Creator, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. What's even funnier—though I should note I use the word funny in the most depressing way imaginable—is that the deniers never seem to actually understand that which they deny. Examples are the Big Bang, the age of the Earth, evolution, and climate change. Instead of reading up on these SCIENTIFIC theories, they choose to create simplified and ridiculous straw men, like, "If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" This shows a clear tendency of deep ignorance, and I'd like to point out how such ignorance can be lethal, especially regarding climate change.

It's a highly controversial topic, climate change. It shouldn't be, but the right-wing media done fucked it all up. I can guess why. As long as scientists make progress to make it easier for big corporations to make money, there's no problem. As long as they make progress that doesn't shake the foundation of someone's life and religion, there's no problem. But when there's an unpleasant truth that may force people to reconsider what they consider reality, or when there's an unpleasant truth that will cost money or slow down the economy, then there's suddenly a huge problem. Obviously all the world's scientists have an agenda and thus lie.

No. Of course they don't! Not all scientists share the same political ideals; they don't all have the same goals. So when the ENTIRE scientific community agrees on something, more or less, it's probably true. That's another funny fact. When there's no controversy within the scientific community, there's controversy in the media and politics; when there is controversy in the scientific community, the media and politicians use one side that best fits their immediate needs, for example to spread fear about a disease to get viewers. This absolutely disgusts me.

But what I'd like to point out in this blog post is the straw man created for global warming. Some people flat-out don't believe it, but they say that if it were true, why should they worry about their grandchildren feeling a little warm? But they've totally misunderstood the whole concept. Climate change and global warming are not just about a slightly increasing temperature.

Climate change is about extinction of species, broken food chains, chaos in nature, mass extinction, chaotic weather like droughts and hurricanes, rising ocean levels, flooded cities, diminished resources, famine, poverty, diseases spreading because of poor living conditions, lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, the fall of nations, war over the last resources, and ultimately the annihilation of humankind. Climate change isn't just a heating environment, or even deaths in the millions; climate change is our potential extinction event. No one can say for certain if it will be that grim, but natural climate changes in the past have led to mass extinctions and I'd rather not play Russian roulette with the future of the human species.

If we care about our environment and fellow living creatures, and if we care about ourselves, we must change the way we go about things. We cannot cut down trees in the millions; we cannot burn fossil fuels and contaminate the atmosphere. We can change; we can make a difference. But we must make an effort before it is too late. Climate change, like global warming, isn't just hot; it's a road to our end.