7 stupid arguments against LGBT

I enjoy watching debates between liberals and conservatives or atheists and theists, but it can also be frustrating with the stupid things conservative theists say, like for example their objections to marriage equality or even just LGBT in and of itself. It's especially frustrating when they refuse to listen to reason. Anyway, here are seven of the dumbest arguments against LGBT.

7 STUPID ARGUMENTS AGAINST LGBTThis is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on August 17, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.

1. God hates fags.

This is something you hear very often. Christians say they don't dislike gays; it's God that hates them. I don't understand this rationalization at all. Are they saying that they're not bad people because they don't hate, but since God hates fags, they are against homosexuality? Don't they see that this makes God bad? Not all Christians have this view of God, so the only thing I can infer from this is that people construe the Bible in the way they want to, based on their own prejudices.

FICTION IS FICTIONThis is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on August 17, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.

If God exists and is against LGBT people, for pretty much no reason, other than that he said marriage should be one man and one woman (or several women, or rape victims...), perhaps we shouldn't worship the evil bastard. If God were human, he'd be considered the most horrific and cruel person in all of human history. All I can say is, if there is a deity, I sincerely hope they're kinder and more intelligent than the god Christian extremists portray.

2. It is unnatural.

This is a relatively evil thing to say. If we look at it scientifically, you could say homosexuality is both natural and unnatural. It appears in nature, which means it's natural, but the purpose for reproductive organs is to reproduce, so in that way it is unnatural. But there's always a butt when talking about gays, pun intended. The "but" is that whether it is or isn't "natural" by some arbitrary definition is unimportant. What is important is whether or not it is moral. It feels like when anti-LGBT people say it is unnatural, they are not talking about objective science, but subjective morality. They mean it is unnatural because God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. But with the quality of writing in the Bible, I wouldn't be surprised if Eve is a typo. But is LGBT immoral? No. In what way would it be immoral? It's simply a sexual preference and/or gender identity, nothing more, nothing less. To say that's immoral is like saying people who eat bagels are immoral, because my god says bagels are bad. Huh? What did you say? Some religions do consider it immoral to eat certain types of food? Oh, boy.

Attached to the unnatural argument is the notion that homosexuality is like pedophilia. Finally, something I can agree with. Hmm. That sounds horrible, doesn't it? What I mean is that like homosexuality and also heterosexuality, pedophilia in and of itself is a sexual preference that can't be helped. There are definite differences, though, perhaps scientific, but I'm more focused on morality right now. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are not immoral, because it's between consenting adults. For a pedophile to act on their urges is immoral, though, because they hurt a child. That's a very important distinction.

3. It will destroy the family ideal.

This is a common one. There are two arguments that are part of this one: marriage equality would weaken the very fabric of marriage and LGBT people can't be parents. Am I the only one who thinks "family ideal" sounds like something that could be said in Nazi Germany? It just has that distinct tone of propaganda. Whose ideal is it exactly? And why must everyone conform to this ideal?

FAMILY IDEALThis is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on August 17, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.

That marriage equality weakens marriage for straight, Christian couples is something I cannot grasp. It just makes no sense. How does LGBT people getting married have an effect on straight people? For fuck's sake, how does anyone's marriage affect someone else, whether they be straight, gay, white, black, theist, atheist, human, alien, or whatever? Love is love. And it's pretty much been extensively researched how having gay parents affects a child, and no negative effects have been found. One might wonder, are single parents not fit to have children? Should we take their children away? No, they are fit, like gay parents are. And to point out the obvious, gay parents make their children gay like straight parents make their children straight. By this I mean that that's not how it works, as straight parents can have homosexual children and gay parents can have heterosexual children.

I'd also like to point out that marriage has constantly changed through the years, as I've written about a bit more extensively in my blog post A union of gay love. Read the Bible, and you'll find out that the modern version of "Biblical" marriage is vastly different, because polygamy is not permitted, we don't force rape victims to marry their rapists, we don't stone non-virgins to death, and we can get divorced. Marriage kind of began as the "nice" kind of slavery, as men owned women. But it has since transitioned to a union of love. And love does undeniably exist between gays. Just 'cause their parts don't fit snugly together doesn't make their feelings any less real.

4. Promiscuity and disease afflict it.

What we do with our bodies is a choice for every adult human being. It’s not someone else’s business.

While I'm not fond of promiscuity myself, what we do with our bodies is a choice for every adult human being. It's not someone else's business. And many straight people are promiscuous, too, and as such contract diseases. I'd like to just point out AIDS, which is associated with homosexuality. Straights can get it, too. If we must call it something, shouldn't it be an African disease? But that is also stupid, because you can get it in Europe, America, and wherever, not just Africa.

I'm all for freedom; to be straight, gay, atheist, theist, promiscuous, monogamous are lifestyles we should get to choose for ourselves, even though most of those are actually NOT by choice. I may not find promiscuity very attractive myself, but that doesn't mean I think such people are evil or do anything that can objectively be considered immoral. Their lives are just that—their lives.

5. It is a perversion.

A perversion of what exactly? What God intended? Imagine me rolling my eyes. If you think it's perverse just because your god says so, then you haven't actually objectively judged whether or not it is moral. But I'd like for people to have the balls to say that they're against LGBT because they think it's disgusting, that that's how it's perverse. But that sort of perversion is only a figment of our imagination, how we perceive it. When we think of homosexuality, many probably get an image of hairy men squeezing their thing into butts. Sorry for the mental image, but that's just it: we judge the concept because it's imagined to be disgusting. But don't straight people do disgusting things, too? Women like men, which I find totally weird and revolting. Does this mean women are morally wrong?

As part of the perversion argument, it is said that homosexuality (or legalized homosexuality) will lead to bestiality. I don't really understand this leap. Why would liking the same gender mean you want to do an animal? If it's a butt thing, why would that lead to bestiality? There are female animals for men and male animals for women, so why wouldn't straight people want to do it with animals, too, then? I doubt most people, gays included, have ever, at any point, thought of doing an animal—at least not seriously (wink, wink). I often take care of my brother's dog Chaplin, the most adorable animal ever (see my blog posts titled "The Dog" to see how hilariously crazy this dog is). And to quote Bill Maher, "The reason I don't fuck the dog is not the law.”

6. Homosexuals want to make the world gay.

LIVE. LOVE. HATE.This is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on August 17, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.

It seems many idiots fear this is what's going on, just because they hear about LGBT in the news and see and hear people who've come out of the closet. Yes, the LGBT community is vocal, as is the atheist community. But this isn't discrimination, it's not a cry for attention, and it's not a plan to make the world gay. I've seen conservatives, Christians and non-Christian, complain about LGBT people "shoving their lifestyle down everyone else's throats", but the thing is that they don't actually do that. All they do is ask for equality, and in some twisted minds, this equals harassment and persecution. LGBT people, atheists, and any hypothetical group of people just want human rights for everyone; that's pretty much it. Okay, atheists also want religion out of schools, courthouses, and such, but that isn't persecution either, because only facts can be taught in science class and all government-owned places need to be neutral, as part of religious freedom. Favoring any religion, especially one that persecutes LGBT, is a violation of religious freedom. It doesn't matter if the majority of people belong to said religion.

LGBT people are NOT trying to make the world gay; they just wish to be treated like human beings.

But to get back to the main point: LGBT people are NOT trying to make the world gay; they just wish to be treated like human beings. That's not an unreasonable request. The final thing I'll say on this is that equality won't bring about the end of humanity, turn straight people gay, destroy families, or destroy marriage. But please, God, let this issue put the final nail in Christianity's metaphorical coffin, so the blight can be removed from the face of the Earth.

7. LGBT people choose to be sinners.

To say one chooses to be gay is like saying one chooses to be straight.

And then we'll end with the favorite argument amongst these Christian and conservative assholes—that LGBT people choose to be who they are. Many people who say this actually state that they've witnessed how it is either a choice or a disease that can be cured. God only knows how they witnessed this. Well, God doesn't exist, but I suppose that's the point—that no one knows how they can know this. To say one chooses to be gay is like saying one chooses to be straight. I'd also like to point out that even if it were a choice, choosing to be gay wouldn't be immoral. How we spend our lives, what we do with our bodies, and with whom we choose to spend our time is nobody's business but our own. Live and let live; love and let love; love and let hate.

But my main argument for why it's obvious it's not a choice to be LGBT or straight is this: If anyone could choose to be either straight or gay, they'd choose to be straight, because it's so much simpler, what with no one hating your guts for no reason. Logically, there is no reason to want to be gay, but there is a reason to want to be straight, and that reason is that the world is full of homophobes, but no heterophobes. But let's end this blog post with a chuckle: I've seen a conservative call homosexuality behavior and how behavior is choice. But behavior is no choice; it's the large picture of all our actions; it could be said to be what dictates our choices—nature. So to say gay people do gay things because of their behavior is to say that it is not a choice. This intelligent, conservative Christian was sort of arguing against himself. But when have theists ever been on the right side of history?

CHOOSE TO BE GAYThis is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on August 17, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.