The race of stupidity

Have you ever heard a Christian explain the universe is too improbable to exist without the Christian god? What about how God must exist, because why else would there be religions in every culture? I have heard both. Not from the same person, though, but if there is a Christian who thinks both, they just finished in first place in the race of stupidity—the race being humankind.

I thought I would combat the two arguments with each other. Fun idea, right? Okay, let's see. First of all, I'd like to offer an explanation as to why the universe isn't necessarily a statistical improbability. You see, scientists believe there may be more than one universe. Each universe is different, so in most of them, we do not exist. But in perhaps merely this one, or maybe a few others, the improbable circumstances we require to exist were fulfilled. But even if there is just this one universe, it still would not mean there must be an intelligent designer. Yes, the chance of life occurring may be tiny, but despite what you've heard, no chance, no matter how small, is actually negligible. Why then do scientists speak about negligible chances? Well, because even if a small chance is a possibility, it is so improbable that we—mankind—can't rely on it for experiments and technology. Imagine a computer that only works every millionth time. NIGHTMARE! But that doesn't remove the fact that the computer might work.

Anyway, let's move on and focus on the stupidity of the Christian faith being true only because science hasn't explained everything and there being religions all over the world. If science hasn't explained everything to a satisfactory degree, it wouldn't make Christianity—of all religions—true by default. That said, theists refute that which has been explained to a satisfactory degree—like evolution or the fact that people who like the same gender are not the spawn of Satan.

EVOLUTION IS A MYTH: This is a short comic strip from I Am Heretic #6: Evolution Is a Myth. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved.

And we come to my favorite part. Christians say the universe is so improbable it can't exist without God. They also say their faith must be true because every culture has religions, as if to say that people being universally dumb must mean someone's stupidity is correct and then why not choose the Christian god. But that's where the two arguments collide. They say the universe is too improbable to exist without God; there's no chance it could exist. Well, then I say it is more probable a religion other than Christianity is true. Why? There are so many. For any given religion, it's more likely another one is true, simply due to the volume of the stupidity. I invite you to create a dice with one million sides; on one side, write "my religion", and then roll the dice. Did your religion land face up? No? I just disproved it by your own logic. Fortunately for me, the same cannot truly be done for my beliefs, because I have none. I follow the evidence, and evidence has nothing to do with the roll of a dice.