The Dog #14

"The Dog" is a series of really unfunny memes and comic strips about a very funny dog. Download the image(s) from this issue.

Today, "The Dog" has done many small and funny things, rather than two big ones. So here's the first batch of pictures showing how fun this canine is!

The one big thing "The Dog" did today was to make a comic strip to show those who are afraid of him and his brothers and sisters that they needn't be frightened. So here's the next comic strip—The Scary Dog.

THE SCARY DOG: This is a short comic strip, for which Hall sincerely apologizes. It was written and designed by Patrick Hall on June 19, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to download it and spread it around, as long as you credit the source and don't charge people for it.

Okay, uhm... I don't think it ended up as "The Dog" had intended. But, you know, in his defense, the last image in the comic strip is actually from when he was playing, so he didn't open his mouth aggressively or anything. Honest! Well... Let's just move on. Here is the second and final batch of pictures showing how fun "The Dog" can be.

And with that, "The Dog" bids you farewell and asks that you return for the next issue, where you'll find more of this golden-retriever-crazy dog's antics.