I Am Heretic #6: Evolution Is a Myth

"I Am Heretic" is a satirical comic, often accompanied with commentary in the form of an article. Download the comic strip from this issue (right click, save as...).

Science has become a very political thing in the United States of America. It's not so much the application of the science that's being discussed, but the actual science. Politicians and other people with no background in science (or logic and rational thinking for that matter) think they should have a say in what science is.

This is why I am so annoyed when stupid theists and conservatives point to a "plot hole" in the science, something that has yet to be explained, as though that would disprove it. They even go as far as to target established facts, using flawed logic and manipulated facts. But the plot holes in the Bible apparently neither exist nor would disprove Christianity if they did, which they do. And still conservatives have the goddamned audacity to say liberals are close-minded Nazis (the adjective because we don't blindly believe in God and the noun because, apparently, the sign that one is a Nazi is not bigotry, but free healthcare and other socialistic ideas).

EVOLUTION IS A MYTH: This is a short comic strip. It was written and designed by Patrick Hall on April 3, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to download it and spread it around, as long as you credit the source and don't charge people for it.