Evolution is just a theory

Okay, I'll admit it: the headline was mostly to grab attention. But it is a half-truth. Like many people put blind faith in God (which I find silly; think of the massive God complex God must have to test us so and make us believe blindly, lest we go to hell, regardless of if we are good people), others put blind faith in science. And that is almost just as bad.

Science and faith differ in one crucial aspect: faith is static; science is always in motion. The Earth is flat. The Earth is spherical. The Earth is squared (seriously, look it up). So even though evolution is pretty much fact, it and other scientific truths should not be taken on blind faith. With science, there are often no absolute truths—at least none of which we are sure. Good science is skepticism.

Science and faith differ in one crucial aspect: faith is static; science is always in motion.

Every once in a while, I like to follow forums where atheists and theists argue. When you get down to it, both sides are assholes, but I'd rather be an asshole grounded in proof and logic than one who believes God created everything, including HIV, the plague, parasites, several different books that have led to thousands of lives lost, and the A-bomb; as a theist, one must believe that all these things came from God, because man cannot create anything by himself; the A-bomb must have been created using God's space magic; and since God has a grand plan for everything, it would mean there is no free will and Hitler was really a minion of mankind's "savior"/dictator. Oh, I also find it funny how conservatives compare liberals and socialism to Nazi Germany and how conservatives, who per definition want things the way they were before, say that liberals are small-minded hypocrites. Nazi Germany may have been socialistic, but that doesn't make socialism Nazi Germany. And how hypocritical is it not to call liberals small-minded when conservatives don't even accept proof when it dangles right before their very eyes?

EVOLUTION IS A MYTH: This is a short comic strip from I Am Heretic #6: Evolution Is a Myth. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved.

But there is no reason to get involved; American conservatives (and other conservatives) always will live in their little bubble, where there is no global warming because the Bible doesn't mention it and fags are evil, even though they cannot help who they are, don't hurt anyone, and deserve happiness just as much as the next person. If God is against their happiness, I say, "Fuck God!" The thing is, many Christians believe in the Bible as though it were the instruction manual for the Earth. But isn't an instruction manual supposed to actually give applicable answers? While I do believe we should respect people's faith, no matter how ridiculous... Okay, maybe not Mormonism (originally a poor excuse to fuck as many women as possible and hate against blacks, but I suppose all religion subjugates women and hates those who are different), Catholicism (a front for child molestation), or Scientology (give me your money and I will save you from the evil space monster that is seventy TRILLION years old). As I was saying, while I do believe we should respect people's faith—or rather the fact that people believe different things; the actual religions should be viewed with a critical eye—I like to argue for my own beliefs, if you can call them that. I get frustrated when I see stupid arguments spewed out by the religious side. Some of the go-to Christian arguments are as follows:

Many Christians believe in the Bible as though it were the instruction manual for the Earth. But isn’t an instruction manual supposed to actually give applicable answers?
  1. The Bible says so. - Of course, everything written in books is true, especially everything written in the Bible, which clearly has no plot holes at all.
  2. This guy, who works at the Biblical Science Institute and is educated in Biblical Science, says the Bible is, in fact, one hundred percent historically correct, right down to the six-thousand-year-old bullshit. - Wow, he sure seems impartial and intelligent.
  3. Science has not yet explained everything, which means that all science is incorrect, which means that Christianity is the ONLY OTHER OPTION. - Yes, because there cannot possibly be a third alternative. Oh, and everyone knows the moon's backside does not exist, because we cannot see it, right?
  4. There was this atheist guy who spoke with his Christian friend, and he realized that God does exist, so he became a Christian. - Right. One guy turned into a theist. That must mean that science is wrong and Christianity is true. No theist has ever become an atheist, though. Right?

CHRISTIAN ARGUMENTS: This is a short comic strip from I Am Heretic #2: Christian Arguments. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved.

Sigh. This is where science is so awesome: logic, reason, and the fact that everyone doesn't have the same opinion. There are different religions and branches, so theists also argue, but they share the same narrow source material and views on issues like gay marriage and science. In the scientific community, people develop their own theories and test them. They don't just write it down and say, "Here's what you will believe, or I'll kill you, you heathen bastard!" Educated people prove their point, and we should trust that they know what they are doing. But then we're doing the same as the religious people. Gravity exists, because Newton said so. I am not really questioning gravity, just using it as an example of how the majority of intelligent, but not scientifically educated people blindly put faith in the science.

Trust your scientist, but don’t elevate them or their theories to religion. Never use stone to write in; it is a permanent and blunt material used by those without reason or logic.

As a layman—someone without a scientific background—one can only accept what we're told. So always remember, good science is skepticism. Rational people accept that there is a possibility they are wrong; in fact, one can assume that we are wrong about at least some of the science, because we constantly reevaluate our world based on new information—something most theists fail to see and do. Trust your scientist, but don't elevate them or their theories to religion. Never use stone to write in; it is a permanent and blunt material used by those without reason or logic.

One relevant example as to how laymen take something on faith is with prehistoric life. I like to watch documentaries, both about modern life and prehistoric life. But watching a documentary about, say, dinosaurs can be a bit dangerous. Sure, a lot of the information is probably correct, but they may have chosen to do certain things to add drama and suspense to make the show good, and a lot of the information is basically conjecture, educated guesses. One can learn a lot from bones and fossils: structures, how muscles were fastened, predator or prey, flying capability, eyesight, brain size, hearing, where it lived, in what kind of environment it lived, when it lived, what other creatures were near it, what it ate, what ate it, parental bonds, feathers, in some cases skin color, evolutionary lineage, and more. There is certainly much that can be determined to be true and factual. But at the same time, a lot is conjecture based on the behavior of animals alive today. This means, while we should trust that educated people know what they do, we ought to view documentaries with a critical eye. Don't assume that what you're hearing or seeing is incorrect, but be open to the possibility that it may not be factual.

Science changes, and we certainly don't have all the answers yet (a fact theists point to as proof for Christianity, stupidly enough). If an apple falls to the ground and hits you in the head while you sleep, does that necessarily mean the Earth pulled it down (well, not down, but toward its core)? If there is a near infinite amount of stars, why isn't the night sky bright as day? Surely, there would be a star in literally every direction, no? And regarding evolution, what of the Cambrian explosion? Well, there is more proof for gravity than just a falling apple, the stars may be many, but are spread out and faaar away and the universe is not static, and perhaps life was simply too soft to be properly fossilized prior to the Cambrian explosion. There are answers, perhaps not definite ones, but answers nonetheless. We may never find these answers, but does that mean they don't exist? No, it doesn't.

All I know is neither the blind faith nor the chauvinistic obedience of religion is the answer, so let’s keep science pure.

Science says there most likely is no god (or goddess), but that doesn't mean we should shut out that possibility. Don't get me wrong: Christianity and all other religions humanity has made up thus far are dangerously stupid and intolerant; I'm not saying there's any chance they are true. And besides, if Christianity were the truth, it still wouldn't negate the fact that the Christian god is... well, unpleasant. But a deity could be behind the big bang, the origin of life, or the Cambrian explosion; they could have made up the rules to which our world complies. Probably not, but there's no way to prove or disprove it, which makes it, per definition, not science. Even so, never close your mind. All I know is neither the blind faith nor the chauvinistic obedience of religion is the answer, so let's keep science pure.

Remember that science is not religion. We are not bound to one answer. We should never be the chauvinistic guardians of science, as theists are of their beliefs. Don't take anything on faith; always question; never settle. In short, for the love of God, be intelligent!