I Am Heretic #4: The Last Supper

"I Am Heretic" is a satirical comic, often accompanied with commentary in the form of an article. Download the comic strip from this issue (right click, save as...).

The Last Supper is probably one of the most known scenes from the very fictional story that is the Bible. But have you ever wondered how Jesus knew Judas would betray him? Well, wonder no longer...

THE LAST SUPPER: This is a short comic strip. It was written and designed by Patrick Hall on March 28 to 29, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to download it and spread it around, as long as you credit the source and don't charge people for it.

In all seriousness, though, the Last Supper is just another chapter in the bullshit story of "morality" that is the Bible. It is the twilight chapter, before we (mankind) are finally forgiven for having ancestors that disobeyed the almighty God by eating fruit, and thus deserved to burn in hell... apparently. Oh, and Jesus didn't really sacrifice himself for us; he was forcibly executed and then came back to life. If I knew I wasn't going to die, I'd also give up my life for someone else. To be fair, though, he did have to endure some pain and humiliation. Oh, then there's my favorite thing: the most prominent Christian symbol is a tool of execution, by which countless lives have ended. Good job, Christians. Good job, indeed.