The Dog #20

"The Dog" is a series of really unfunny memes and comic strips about a very funny dog. Download the image(s) from this issue.

"The Dog" is here to celebrate Christmas with everyone, but he's gotta do something first to satiate his hunger for attention. Here's the first comic stripThe Selfie Dog.

But let's move on. Here are some memes detailing the life of "The Dog", both during Christmas and otherwise. He makes messes, he seduces you, he moans and bitches, he sent himself as a gift, he's tired of humans, and (most of all) he's just dirty. What he lacks in understanding of what Christmas (or the holidays) is, he makes up for with his complete and utter batshit crazy—batshit crazy as a noun.

"The Dog" truly is a dirty womanizer. Or would that be bitchanizer? Or bitchizer? Oh, just look at this comic strip—The Casanova Dog.

To combine his dirty nature with his Christmas spirit, "The Dog" asked for a nice pair of legs for Christmas. Look at this comic strip—The Leg Dog.

That comic strip nearly concluded this issue of "The Dog", but before he leaves you to celebrate a pagan-inspired Christian holiday, "The Dog" would like to say some things. He asks you to remember that the holiday season is for love, charity, friendship, and family. It's not about receiving gifts; it's about giving them. Much love to everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, background, or species. Here are two final memes, from "The Dog" to you.