The Dog #19

"The Dog" is a series of really unfunny memes and comic strips about a very funny dog. Download the image(s) from this issue.

"The Dog" is finally back, and he's totally crazy today! Let's start with some of wisdom, because this dog knows what's up. Just look at this comic stripThe Stereotypical Dog.

Let's move on to some mischief and crap, but mostly crazy, crack-fueled adventures. These six memes will show you what "The Dog" has been up to.

After a long day, it is important to eat, so you don't die. "The Dog" takes this to heart (even though he's often refused to eat these past few months). Here's a touch of winter, in this final, wintery comic strip—The Vegetarian Dog.

That concludes this issue of "The Dog". He hopes you will return to watch more crazy adventures. He takes the crack for you guys, you know, not for himself.