I Am Heretic #21: Gluttony (Seven Deadly Sins #7)

"I Am Heretic" is a satirical comic, often accompanied with commentary in the form of an article. Download the comic strip from this issue (right click, save as...).

GLUTTONY is one of seven deadly sins that are supposedly so wicked they are one-way tickets to eternal torture in hell. If you commit any of these sins, you deserve to be tortured for all eternity. That’s what God thinks, at least.

Gluttony is overeating; that’s pretty much it: a desire for food. And this is a sin. What is actually sinful about it, I’m a little confused about, partly because overeating hurts only oneself directly and because there are different interpretations of this sin. Some seem to think it’s only a sin because it’s not just a desire for food, but it’s also about greed and withholding food from the needy; it’s about not being charitable.

If this sin is only about eating, then I don’t see how it should even be a sin. Not that I believe in this, but if it were true, it’d mean God punishes people who hurt themselves by sending them to be tortured in hell for all eternity, just like he does with suicide victims. How is that fair? Of course, the people who think this is fair are the people who are against bodily autonomy for women; we apparently don’t own ourselves, and so we must make sure our owner, God, doesn’t frown upon our behavior. It just so happens God doesn’t like fat chicks, it seems.

If gluttony is about not being charitable and withholding from the needy, then it is no different from the deadly sin of greed, and as such gluttony is redundant. But let’s talk about greed, shall we? First, God’s hypocrisy. He is greedy (as well as envious, jealous, wrathful, and proud) because he demands that all humans must worship him and basically belong to him. God is not really interested in saving humans; if he were, he’d just forgive us for eating his precious fruit, rather than come up with an elaborate plan that necessitates our worshipping of him to work.

Let’s move on to the non-fictional hypocrisy. The people who take religious law much more seriously, like with homosexuality and women’s rights, are those who do NOT want to help the poor and needy with food stamps and such. They are the people who adamantly fight to keep needy children from Mexicon “where they belong.” They are the people who are against all forms of government aid that doesn’t help them. Definitely not all theists are greedy, but it’s the ones who take their religion more literally who are the most conservative and self-serving.

The sin of gluttony can, however, provide a valuable lesson, even for nonbelievers like myself. While I don’t think overeating is evil or immoral (even though it’s not good behavior), we should think of people who go hungry, in places like Africa and even America. Perhaps it is time to spread the wealth and feed the hungry.