Evolution did it first

Nature is truly amazing. There are countless examples in nature of living organisms who basically use inventions that are far more complex than the counterpart man has made. Human inventions often mimic things that can be found in nature, whether we realize it or not. One can either do a total copout and say there must be a super inventor who must be one’s own specific god, or one can find the actual explanation—evolution.

Evolution is, after all, basically a war between organic inventions. The inventions that work best in their environment get to keep on existing and replicating. But since they cannot replicate perfectly, changes will surface, some of which will be beneficial and help in this war of organic inventions. Evolution is simple, yet capable of amazing things, if it’s given a few million years.

At any rate, BBC Earth has an article titled Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus. It is a very interesting article about how plants are connected to each other, similarly to how the trees are connected in Avatar. So, the Internet? Evolution did it first.

Just click the image below to read the article on BBC Earth.