Equality is bigoted?

I sent a few tweets with the hashtag #AmericaInFiveWords. One tweet I wrote was "Bigots versus politically correct whiners," meaning bigoted right-wingers and overly sensitive left-wingers (I am a non-PC liberal who believes we should be respectful). That one gave me a rather funny response by a conservative Christian. Apparently, it's not bigoted to be against equality for homosexuals.

He began by saying it's Europe that is defined as "Bigots versus politically correct whiners," showcasing his ignorance to three facts: first, Europe is a very varied place with many different countries with many different ideologies; second, America is one of the most politically polarized nations in the world, which is why my tweet fit; thirdly, the tweet was a dramatic oversimplification and it's of course not true that one must either be a bigot or a PC Nazi.

He then became very defensive, trying to slander liberals while glorifying conservatives, saying it's actually conservatives who are for equality, while liberals are for slavery. In the past, the Democratic Party was the party that was for slavery, yes, but it was also the southern states and the more conservative. Furthermore, the past is not the same as the present. Justifying one's own bigotry by saying another political party was bigoted in the past is not rational.

He called me idiot all along the way, until a very interesting tweet about equal marriage rights for LGBT: "It's not an equal rights issue. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's your bigoted demand to have that changed." After that, and another insult (claiming my life is miserable), he blocked me. Good riddance.

Isn't that rich, though? It isn't conservative Christians who oppress LGBT; it is those who are for equal rights who are bigoted toward conservative Christians. How dare liberals take away conservatives' God-given right to oppress minorities as they see fit? How dare liberals persecute conservative Christians like that? It's just fucking amazing what people can justify. Silly liberal atheists, with their rational thought and progressive morals that don't oppress anyone (except oppressors). Why can't they be more like God and hate anyone who's different?