Climate change of heart

Pope Francis has done it again. He's stood up for people and animals alike before, with his progressive thinking within a very conservative (dimwitted) religion. Now, he's set his gaze on climate change. The Guardian has reported that the pope will "give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world's main religions," in an effort to fight climate change. Atheist saw, and it was good.

It is, indeed, great that such an influential person takes a stand on this issue, and sides with reason and science. Climate change is, after all, a grave threat that could very well destroy most of the human species, if we let it. The voice of progressive reason that is the current pope will hopefully move Catholicism, and other religions, in the right direction.

If more faith leaders and influential people were to join him, as if most scientists in the world are not enough, perhaps more people can be swayed to the side of reason. But minds are not easily changed; I just hope the pope won't be targeted as viciously as President Obama has been. One can only hope that religion will, for once, be on the right side of history.

Let's hope more theists will have a climate change of heart, so we can prevent climate change, incredibly bad pun intended.