A free-thinking, progressive, socialistic writer’s 2014

This has been a good and bad year for me—2014. I’d say it’s been mostly good. While I haven’t finished much work, the year has been fruitful in many other ways. Let’s take a look.

My presence on the web has improved dramatically, with more likes on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, and many visitors to my website and blog. Much of this progress is because of my blogging; I’ve written one hundred eleven blog posts in 2014 (and a measly four in 2013), including this one.

These blog posts make up all the writing I’ve published this year, and most of the writing I’ve even done—thousands upon thousands of words (likely around a hundred thousand). While I have started working on several projects, I have finished none this year. I hope to get more work done on my books and stories next year. But let’s take a look at my blog posts.

I’ve published twenty issues of "The Dog", which is a series of memes and comic strips featuring my brother’s golden retriever, a very cute animal. In addition to this, I made a video that’s… not very good. I’ve also got another blog post with cute puppy pictures of this adorable golden retriever.

I published twenty-three issues of "I Am Heretic" and nine issues of the spin-off "Outside Steve’s Box". The former consists of a comic strip depicting a political, religious, or social issue as well as a larger body of text delving deeper into the issue, while the latter has three memes per issue, also about politics, religion, and such. While these, like most my blog posts, are mostly about religion, from an atheist’s point of view, I’ve also written about quite a few other things and they often combine politics and religion. Here are some of my favorite comic strips and memes.

Other than that, I’ve written multiple blog posts about everything from writing itself to atheism and religion to politics. It’s been a good year for atheists, with Pope Francis being a voice of reason (sort of) in an otherwise conservative religion. Dogs go to heaven, too, he’s suggested, and even atheists might go to heavenHe's also tackled issues like climate change.

And yet atheists still face a lot of problems, and society as a whole is affected negatively by conservatism and conservative religions. I’ve written many blog posts on this, and here are some of my favorite.

We should start with four reasons to oppose religion, a blog post about the basic four reasons why I oppose religion. It is because religion is factually erroneous, religion indoctrinates children, religion has adverse effects, and religious is superfluous. Those are the four basic reasons why I argue against religion.

On numerous occasions on social media and with my blog, I have had to shoot down insanely ignorant arguments coming from Christians as well as Muslims. I wrote a blog post titled Correcting apologists who "corrected" Sam Harris, in response to a YouTube video of two Muslims who were using the same tired arguments as always. I argued about the very fabrics of morality, in blog posts like A brief discussion about morality. And I laid out a pretty comprehensive argument as to why no one kills in the name of atheism in Killed because of atheism? and Response to Abdullah al Andalusi: It’s about totalitarian indoctrination; in short, atheism is only the rejection of god claims and not a worldview and ideology in and of itself, whereas Christianity and Islam are not just beliefs in God, but ideologies that speak of morality and how people should live.

I’ve answered ten questions every atheist must answer, I’ve pointed out the ten things all atheists have in common, which is a disbelief in god claims multiplied by ten. I’ve explained how illogical religion is and how irrational it is to say God is on your side, in the blog post The probability of religion.

I’ve also ridiculed religion and conservative morals in two satirical blog posts. In Threeism vs. athreeism, I argue for a religion I’ve made, called Threeism; you see, the number Three is the Lord and Creator. In How women and men murder children, I explain why abortion is evil, but how we cannot stop there and that women basically murder each time they menstruate and how males murder every time they waste a sperm—and they waste billions of those tiny people. No, but really, I point out the stupidity of those who call themselves "pro-life".

I’ve argued against seven stupid arguments against LGBT and questioned the morality of nationalism in Who deserves to be where? in response to conservatives pissing their pants because Mexicans were allowed to stay in the United States.

The most comprehensive piece of work I’ve published is my blog post Let’s get secular and the five follow-up blog posts, Chauvinistic defense of country and faith, You gotta have faith, Secularism and the requirements of democracy, The push of atheism, and Vocal minorities are so annoying. With these blog posts, my primary point has been that only a secular nation can be truly free and democratic.

I’ve also written many more blog posts about freedom, censorship, equality, religion, science, politics, writing, and whatever I had on my mind.

Lastly, some things have been happening in my personal life, as well. I have begun to study anew at the University of Gothenburg. I’ve studied medical laboratory science before, but didn’t finish it. Now, I study at the international language program, with English as my major. In school, I also met my girlfriend Karolina. So, yeah, 2014 has been a good year.