18 cute and funny puppy pictures

I had my brother's dog Chaplin today (also known as "The Dog" here on my blog), like I do many days. I'm not sure if there is a cuter dog, though my feelings for the little creature may be what makes me say so. Anyway, I felt nostalgic, as Chaplin has almost grown up (he relatively recently began to lift his leg while doing his business and he has grown big in size). So I compiled some of my favorite puppy pictures of him in 2013, and decided I'd share them with anyone who is interested. Here are eighteen cute and funny moments from the real life of "The Dog". This is the dog Chaplin in 2013: from birth to young puppy.

1. October 28, 2013. This is the first time we (my brother, my mother, and myself) got to see Chaplin, my brother's dog, at the breeders' place. To be honest, I've no idea which one he is.

2. October 17, 2013. This is not long after my brother took Chaplin home. I helped him take care of the little puppy.

3. October 17, 2013. As a tiny puppy, Chaplin slept a lot (which he does now, as well, when he's a big puppy).

4. October 17, 2013. But Chaplin didn't sleep all the time. Sometimes he did weird things. Like standing in corners, licking his nose. Forever alone?

5. October 22, 2013. He also did funny things when he was asleep, including weird noises and motions and also just lying in a weird position. Crazy dog.

6. October 22, 2013. Chaplin mostly always looks very cute.

7. November 8, 2013. Chaplin also likes to expose himself. No shame in this one.

8. November 10, 2013. Here's Chaplin with his uncle Patrick. Aren't they cute? Well, one of them...

9. November 11, 2013. It's not Chaplin's fault he makes your heart melt.

10. November 19, 2013. I wonder if the little puppy smelled some food or something. Or maybe the camera was interesting.

11. November 26, 2013. "Hello!"

12. December 8, 2013. First time seeing snow! Also, found stick.

13. December 8, 2013. "What?"

14. December 9, 2013. That looks very comfy!

15. December 9, 2013. Chaplin has had many different toys, some more fun than others. Not many have survived him.

16. December 9, 2013. "Wanna play with me?"

17. December 11, 2013. Time to snuggle a little in his uncle's lap.

18. December 26, 2013. Another dog visited. Chaplin chose to invade her bed (er...), which was much too tiny for him. Chaplin grew larger by the day.

That's all the cuteness I can fit in one blog post. I hope you think this dog is as cute as I do. And yes, Pope Francis, he does have a soul, even though I don't believe in the soul. Be sure to check out the many memes and comic strips I've made with this dog; you'll find them under the blog category called "The Dog".