A one-party system for God

So it's time for another election in 'Murica. While the Democrats have been far from perfect in their execution of a good marketing plan, it is clear that they are the best choice in the near-totalitarian, two-party system that is American government. The Republicans have over and over again proven that they are greedy bigots, who couldn't care less about the poor or even normal, middle-class citizens. Has America learned its lesson? It seems not.

I can't believe so many people would vote for a political party whose priorities are the rich minority, guns, fetuses that have yet to even develop the ability to think and feel, the oil industry, restricting human rights for underprivileged minorities like LGBT, making sure poor people don't get food, suppressing science and knowledge about important issues like climate change, waging war, and praising an invisible lord who is a little too interested in what humans do while naked. All this, while the poor, the middle class, living people, women, LGBT people, the environment, and atheists everywhere are screwed over.

It seems God is still the most important aspect of American politics; it’s a one-party system for God.

America has matured a lot: legalized gay marriage in many states; atheism is finding a platform, although there is still much bigotry toward it; people are working toward equality; countless Americans are smart and tolerant people, who don't close their eyes and cover their ears when someone brings up evolution or climate change. But it seems this isn't enough; it seems God is still the most important aspect of American politics; it's a one-party system for God.

Even so, many conservative Americans think people worldwide will regain respect for the U.S. once "true 'Muricans take back the country." Because why wouldn't I respect bigoted, homophobic, gun-loving Jesusexuals who insist that America was founded on the Christian religion, even though that is factually incorrect? For that matter, why would it even matter if it were founded on the Christian religion? Laws are made to be changed; they will never be perfect right away, hence why there are amendments.

What can I say? America will have my respect when ALL humans matter more than guns and ancient fairy tales. That means equal rights for everyone regardless of gender, race, and sexual preferences. It means church-state separation, for a democracy cannot work if human rights are suppressed on religious grounds. The year 2014 is almost over; it's time to wake up, America!

WAKE UP, AMERICA!: This is a meme, created by Patrick Hall on November 5, 2014. Copyright © 2014 by Patrick Hall. All rights reserved. Feel free to spread it around.