Patrick Hall is a great ape on a planet without borders, and his dream is to entertain other great apes with his writing. He is an author of speculative fiction and a blogger of thoughts. Furthermore, he is a politically active atheist, leftist, and social democrat, who weaves political themes into his writing.
— Official bio.

Patrick Hall in early march 2016.

The labels with which we describe ourselves and others do not truly do a person justice, but they can give a simplified overview of who a person is. Patrick Hall uses two professional labels: author of speculative fiction and blogger of thoughts. He also uses a few philosophical and political labels: he jokingly calls himself a "devout" atheist and he is a critic of religion, and he considers himself to be a politically active leftist, although that is quite a vague label. Above all, there is one description which he finds the most accurate: Great ape on a planet without borders.

Patrick Hall is passionate about fantasy and science fiction. He loves to read books, watch films and series, and play video games which are fantasy and science fiction. He finds it as fun to talk about the genres as much as he does to write. Indeed, telling and hearing stories are his life and passion. With this website, he hopes to share this passion with you and many others. He hopes to go on many journeys together, through magical lands and to fantastic futures in order to unravel the mysteries they hold.