Patrick Hall: About

Patrick Hall is a great ape on a planet without borders, and his dream is to entertain other great apes with his writing. He is an author of speculative fiction and a blogger of thoughts. Furthermore, he is a politically active atheist, leftist, and social democrat, who weaves political themes into his writing.
— Official bio.

Author, Blogger, Atheist, leftist

Patrick Hall in early march 2016 (with a cartoon filter).

The labels with which we describe ourselves and others do not truly do a person justice, but they can give a simplified overview of who a person is. Patrick Hall uses two professional labels: author of speculative fiction and blogger of thoughts. He uses a few philosophical and political labels, as well: he jokingly calls himself a "devout" atheist and he is a critic of religion; politically, he uses leftist as a vague label, but also uses social democrat. Above all, there is one description which he finds the most accurate: Great ape on a planet without borders.

Patrick Hall is passionate about fantasy and science fiction, and loves to read, watch, and talk about the genres as much as he does to write. Telling and hearing stories are his life and passion. Writing a novel is as much embarking on a journey as it is telling a story to others. With this website, Hall hopes he and his readers can go on this journey together; he hopes he and they can share the laughs, tears, love, and hatred; he hopes he and they can discuss various topics centered on fantastic stories. With that behind us, one thing remains to be said: Welcome to the Dragonlands.

The Life of Patrick Hall

Early years

Patrick Hall, the youngest of three brothers, was born on November 13, 1992, in Mölndal, Sweden.

Hall's first literary achievement—and a poor one at that—came in his early school years, and has since been lost. He filled a whole notebook with fanfiction about Yoshi, but used only one punctuation mark in the whole thing. In the Swedish equivalent of junior high, he made his first attempt at writing a book, but it turned out poorly. He never finished the book, but in retrospect, that was a good decision. It was in high school that his literary career took a step up. During this time, he started several projects, one of which was an early version of The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands.  The LLTD universe—as he abbreviates it—was first conceived as a short story written for English class.

First literary work

While he had originally created a version of The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands sometime in 2010 or 2011, Hall reimagined this fantastic world in January 2012. On January 14, he started writing his first novel, The Winds of Change, which after much planning and labor turned into his first serious work. On August 8, he started writing the Blades in the Dark trilogy, as a smaller project to once in a while get some distance from his full-length novel. Blades in the Dark was published on October 28 and The Winds of Change on December 9, 2013. Those two books mark the beginning of Hall's career as an author. They are the result of much love and labor, and he sincerely hopes they will be enjoyed. He has just gotten started; he has many more tales to tell.


Author Patrick Hall in 2013.

Patrick Hall has always been an unbeliever, a skeptic, an atheist. He did not grow up in a religious home and always found religion to be odd, like living inside a fantasy novel. Science and the natural world have also always interested Hall, starting with his dinosaur phase during his childhood. Hall favors logic, reason, and facts over blind and dogmatic faith. He writes much about atheism, religion, science, morality, and politics, often mixing all or many of those topics. Thus far, he has only blogged about them, but a book or two may be in production. Who knows?


He fondly recalls how his father read the Harry Potter books to him when he was little, although his father may have enjoyed it more than Hall did.

Hall has been influenced by many things in his life. Some of the authors that inspired him are J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, and his favorite author Terry Goodkind. It was after reading Terry Goodkind's first novelWizard's First Rulethat Hall started taking his writing career more seriously; it was then he started writing The Winds of Change. 

A big influence to him while developing the world of The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands was The Elder Scrolls series of games. He wanted a world as vivid, but mystic; as fantastic, but down-to-earth; and as unique, but familiar. The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind was also a big source of inspiration.

The persons whom he considers his biggest role models and influences include Seth MacFarlane, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher. He identifies with left-wingers and freethinkers who are not afraid to speak their minds, even when what they say is unpopular.