Beta readers

As a self-publishing author, it is very helpful to get feedback from potential readers. This will help Hall improve his books, and thus offer a better reading experience. Use the form below to sign up as a beta reader of Hall's next book, Pass of Black Soul. Beta readers will be selected on August 20, 2014, and PDF versions of the book should appear in the selected reader's inboxes within a few days, if not that same day. Thereafter, the selected reader's have until the twentieth of October to send in feedback (with a form that will appear on this page).

For participating in this program, the selected readers (who send in feedback) will be thanked in the book and added to Hall's list of honorary Dragonlandians (people who have helped his career). All participants will also receive a free download of the complete e-book version.

Please enter the country in which you permanently reside.
Check any and all boxes that apply to you.
Be as honest as possible with these answers. If you have not read Hall's prior books, choose the neutral option (he can see if you selected them as read in the previous query).
I liked Blades in the Dark.
I liked The Winds of Change.
I am interested in the LLTD lore.
If I like Pass of Black Soul, I will recommend it to friends.
Who is your Patrick Hall novel, and why is it your favorite?
If you have any critique (or praise!), please write it here as thoroughly as possible. Any and all feedback is and will always be welcome! But keep it civil.
By clicking "I agree", you agree not to share or reveal any plot details about the book you may receive until it is official published. You may discuss the book in broad terms. You may not share the beta book with anyone (but feel free to share the finished book once it is published). All rights are reserved by Patrick Hall, who bestows permissions to read the beta book only to you. Breaking this agreement is punishable by the full extent of the law in whichever country you reside. You also agree that Patrick Hall may contact you via the e-mail you provided, which will not be shared with anyone else. If you provide feedback which Hall deems valuable, you will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and you will receive a special mention in the finished book and on Hall's blog.
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