The Dragonlands: The world

Welcome to the Dragonlands, a place of love, friendship, tolerance, and peace. It is also a place of hate, betrayal, religious and ethnical discrimination, and war.

The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands are set in a fictional world with three planes of existence. These are Evengarden, Siva, and Oblivion. Evengarden is the immortal realm of the Precursors, the Divines, and other gods. Oblivion is the immortal realm of the Maenics, which are fallen gods, imprisoned in Oblivion for their unforgivable crimes. Siva is the mortal plane of existence, and is where the tales take place, mostly.  A barrier separates all three planes of existence, and has done so for thousands of years.

This mortal world of Siva consists of several continents, among them the Everlands; Eural; Sadia; the Badlands; and the Dragonlands, known more formally as Dragora. These continents, as well as the oceans—the biggest of which is called the Great Ocean and lies between the Dragonlands and the Everlands—are collectively called Atae, which means "home" in the ancient tongue of Thalman. Many creatures inhabit this world, including several sentient ones. While humans are the dominant beings in the Dragonlands, the Badlands, and Sadia, the Everlands belong to the aevira—a sentient species similar to humans, with longer and slimmer bodies, pointy features, and light-blue or dark-blue complexion as younglings and pink or purple complexion as adults, for females and males respectively. The tales take place in the Dragonlands, and aevira are as such a rare sight.

The Dragonlands are brutal. Sure, the Empire—with the kingdom of Cyra at its metaphorical heart and physical west coast—is civilized and appears idyllic, but it does not take much digging to find a much more sinister world. Even in the seemingly civilized areas, discrimination and physical violence are not uncommon. In the wilds, where the Imperial forces cannot keep constant patrols, bloodshed is the theme in a lush world. With gangs such as the Black Hand and dangerous creatures like massive spiders ravaging this beautiful world, everything is not what it at first appears. Then again, is anything ever what it at first appears?

All in all, a trip to the Dragonlands is not one easily forgotten. The ship to these magical lands casts off with Blades in the Dark, and then again with The Winds of Change. These books are only the beginning of a long and mystic journey, with laughter, happiness, sadness, and hardship. Stay strong, Dragonlanders! Darkness is settling upon the Dragonlands, and the light up ahead is far away...