The Dragonlands: Fauna and flora

Many creatures and plants call the Dragonlands their home. Below are short descriptions of some creatures and plants, most of which have appeared in one of the books. If the element of surprise and discovery is important, it is suggested to read the books prior to this page.

Mortal life

  • Aevir (plural: aevira; adjective: Aeviri): These sentient, intelligent, and humanoid beings are very similar to humans in physical appearance, but are somewhat slimmer with more distinct lines. As children, females are light blue and males are dark blue. As adults, females are pink and males are purple. However, they can retain spots of the color they had as juveniles. Aeviri culture is very centered on nature and the aevira's magic. They live in the vast, magical forests of the Everlands, far from the Dragonlands, which is fortunate, as humans and aevira deeply dislike each other, in most cases.
  • Arachnidon (plural: arachnidons): The arachnidon is a genus of giant spiders. They crawl across many surfaces in the Dragonlands, and are universally hated and feared.
    • Royal spider: The royal spiders are the largest and most terrifying ones. They are further divided into king spiders and queen spidersmales and females. Both genders are huge and have a large, round abdomen and a smaller thorax, but males are hairy and in comparison small, while females are relatively hairless, much bigger than males, and have red dots on their abdomen.
    • Wolf spider: This is one of the most common types of arachnidon. They are roughly the size of dreadwolves, and live almost everywhere in the Dragonlands. However, they rarely attack humans, mainly because they tend to live in dark caves and such. In isolated cases, they have made their nests in the cellars of humans' homes. This usually doesn't end well, either for the spider or for the humans. One on one, they usually cannot kill a full-grown man, but women and children fall prey to them sometimes, when wandering off the trail in forests, near caves, burrows, and abandoned buildings.
  • Baldran (plural: baldran): This huge, bulky, and biped creature is somewhat reminiscent of a troll. It is dumb and relies on brute force. However, it is also highly resistant to magic, a result of its creation. Though no one knows for certain, it is believed by some that an evil sorcerer created the baldran by performing dark experiments on goblins. If this is true or not cannot be said, but the baldran and goblins do have a strong connection, as goblins believe the baldran are the children of the deity Ihkava and the goblins themselves are the offspring of baldran. Academics laugh at this notion and point to it as proof of how stupid goblins are, as goblins do procreate with each other and baldran give birth to other baldran.
  • Clavi (plural: clavi): These reptilian, biped hunters are only vaguely categorized as mortal creatures. They are the result of isolation and mutation, as they hail from the Beast Maenic called the clav. And since clav are immortals, clavi could be argued to be the same; the definition of being immortal is that one is reborn as the same individual after one has died, whereas mortals may be born anew; it is impossible to ask simple creatures if they remember what happened to them before death, so it is also impossible to ascertain how they experience death and rebirth. What is known is that clavi are highly intelligent and coordinated. They employ tactics and teamwork in their hunt for prey. They are ruthless and efficient. One is no danger to a human being, but that can't be said for the second one, which severs the carotid artery with a surprise attack.
  • Dew moss: This is a blue kind of moss that has the incredible defense system of excreting a substance that causes clotting and cell growth, leading to death if ingested. However, the peoples of Siva have found that it can be applied onto wounds to make them heal rapidly, thus taking advantage of this moss's natural and sinister defense against herbivores.
  • Dreadwolf: Also known as the grisly wolf and the grim wolf, this is the strongest species of wolf. It is the apex predator in many of its habitats.
    • Apex dreadwolf: Often called the apex wolf, this is the most common and widespread of the dreadwolves. Like all dreadwolves, it is highly intelligent and social. It can be found in most places across the Dragonlands, except in Northland, where the snowpelt dreadwolf dominates.
    • Dromedar dreadwolf: Commonly called the dromedar wolf, this subspecies dominates the dry deserts of Sadia, as they require extremely little water. However, they are not as common on the savannas, which are claimed by other large, mammalian predators.
    • Saber-toothed dreadwolf: Commonly called the saber-toothed wolf, this is the largest and most dangerous species of dreadwolf. They are rarer and shyer, even though they are stronger and more intelligent. They rarely attack humans, unless provoked, as they have come to know that one human death means more humans will seek vengeance. They are extremely social and even loyal. If one saves a saber-toothed wolf from harm, it will be one's friend until death. They cannot be domesticated, but if one befriends a saber-toothed wolf, it would make an excellent pet, as they are loyal, intelligent, protective but kind, and have a lifespan that is almost akin to that of a human.
    • Snowpelt dreadwolf: Often called the snowpelt or snowpelt wolf, this is a subspecies of dreadwolf that dominates in most subarctic and arctic expanses of Northland. However, they have been hunted to near extinction in some areas, as man has learned that their fur is the warmest material with which to make clothes. It is because of this pelt that the snowpelt wolf can handle extremely cold environments; they can even swim through icy water hours on end without being harmed.
  • Emperor tree: This is a highly mysterious kind of tree. It is very rare, in comparison to other trees, and it is believed that the roots of all these trees connect, deep underground. Either they are like a vast community, or even more interestingly, they might be the same individual, one massive network that stretches across all the lands and waters of Atae. In fact, if it is true all emperor trees are one organism, they could be said to be Atae, meaning the world of mortals is not just their inanimate home, but a host for them.
  • Goblin: These are aggressive and primitive humanoids. They are intelligent compared to animals, but dumb compared to humans and aevira. They are short and green, gray, or blue, with big, lumpy, and ugly heads. They are universally despised, because they almost always attack on sight. Even so, they are no real problem; they kill careless people and occasionally rob those traversing the Dragonlands, but they are too dumb to be of a real threat. In fact, the most likely way for a goblin life to end is with the spiked club of another goblin lodged in their cranium.
  • Human
    • Aesae (plural: aesaes; adjective: Aesaen): This is a subspecies of man. They are often shorter and have a slightly darker skin tone than the common subspecies of man. They have flatter faces and narrower eyes. Their culture and way of living centers on fishing and sailing.
    • Dwerg (plural: dwergs; adjective: Dwergan): This is an extinct subspecies of man. They were significantly shorter and also bulkier. Though they may not have been stronger than an individual of the primary human subspecies, they were definitely stronger in comparison to their height.
    • Saladin (plural: saladins; adjective: Saladin): This is a dark-skinned subspecies of man. They live in the deserts, savannas, and jungles of Sadia, a continent south of the Dragonlands, separated by the String, a broad river.
  • Kraken: This legendary creature is not believed to even exist, but it is said to be a squid of awesome size and power, with hundreds of strong tentacles with which to pull ships into the depths of the ocean.
  • Kuara (plural: kuara): These are highly mysterious creatures. They are believed to have ruthlessly murdered hundreds of people, but no one has been able to provide a description of themuntil recently.
  • Rainbow flower: These are very common flowers that come in a variety of colors, often red, blue, and yellow. They grow scattered across fields of grass, where they can capture the rays of the golden sun. In some places, it is considered a declaration of love to give away a bouquet of them, with at least one flower of each color; especially important are the rare colors, like purple.
  • Snake vine: Also called the Maenic's snare and strangle vine, this plant is a vine that grows on various surfaces. They are thick and red in color, and may appear harmless, but when one least expects it, they are wrapped around one's throat, squeezing out the life. Some believe that they were created in Oblivion and then brought into Siva through dark magic.
  • Strada fish: This is a very common type of fish, ranging from a tapac to near a leap in length. They feed on algae and smaller fishes.
    • Golden strada fish: Also called the golden fish, this is a subspecies of the common strada fish, and they can only be found in the Golden River. What separates them from normal strada fish is simply that they have a golden complexion. Why is unknown, as there is no advantage to such complexion. If the location they live in is directly behind the mutation is unknown, but it is at least agreed upon that they are confined to the Golden River because there are no predators there to endanger itexcept man.
  • Tapron tree: This is the most common type of tree in Cyra, in western Dragora. They are relatively small leaf trees that offer no fruit.
  • Vitora: This is a small plant indigenous to the Everlands, home of the aevira. It consists of a thin stem, small leaves along its entire length, and a blue flower at the top. The nectar this flower produces is extremely sweet, and is often used in candy. It reproduces by having insects carry pollen between flowers in the hunt for nectar. Then, toward the end of the plant's life, the actual flower becomes very sweet and even gets refreshing properties. It turns purple to show that it is ready, so animals are attracted to eat it and carry its seeds to other places. During this time, the flower is harvested and ground up by aevira. It is used to give flavor to tea water. Aevira also chew on the tasty and refreshing flower.
  • Wizard's tree: This is a small plant with a short, gray stem, which splits into branches, so that it looks like a tiny tree. It has no leaves, but blue spheres. With these spheres, the plants catch the magic heat that gifted ones give off and they use this excess magic as sustenance. In the presence of magic, the spheres start to glow, as they collect this magic heat.
  • Woohl (plural: woohls): This is a large, mammalian creature that resembles a mixture between a wolf and a man. They are big and hairy, have a wolf-like face and sharp claws and teeth, and feel comfortable on all four as well as on just their hind legs. They are native to the Kayan Isles, but have spread to the Badlands, mainly because they were taken there for arena battles, but then escaped. They are believed to be related to werewolves, but how is unknown. Some say werewolves become woohls after a while, as they are unable to change back to human form. Others say werewolves are created when a man is bitten by a woohl and survives. Another theory is that a mad sorcerer created the first werewolves by experimenting with woohls and humans.
    • Alpha woohl: This is the bigger and meaner variant of woohl. It is usually solitary, but can sometimes take the position of leader in a group of pack woohls.
    • Pack woohl: This is the smaller and more common variant of woohl. They live in large, relatively social groups, but they are aggressive, even toward each other.

Immortal life

  • Clav (plural: clav): This is a large, reptilian, biped predator, created by the Maenic Overlord Razar; as such, they are a so-called Beast Maenic. They are highly intelligent and coordinated, when they wish to be; they can form large packs, but often roam alone. Whenever soul-summoned into Siva, they may take the position of leader in a pack of the smaller clavi. Where only more than one clavi is a real threat, one clav is enough, with their robust build, sharp teeth and claws, hard shield around their heads, and deadly horn shooting out from their forehead.
  • Desdrak (plural: desdraki): Also called the dark angel of death, this is one of the most terrifying creatures spawned from the fires of Oblivion. They are the siblings of dragons, the offspring of the Maenic Overlords Drahc Uhr and Zirae. They are somewhat humanoid, but longer and in comparison thinner, with long arms and legs with sharp claws; they are easily five leaps from head to toe. Their complexion is black, smooth, and scaly. They have powerful wings, roughly triangle-shaped, and they have a long tail ending with two deadly spikes. The features most reminiscent of those of the dragons are their long necks, reptilian heads with blood-red eyes, and the ability to breathe magical fire.
  • Devlion (plural: devlions): This hound-like Beast Maenic is a powerful hunter. Black fur covers its four legs and lower body, seamlessly turning into dark scales atop its head and back, reaching to its tail, which is bifurcated, each tip ending with a metal spike. A smoky, black aura constantly surrounds the creature, shrouding it and its red-glowing eyes in mystery. It is highly intelligent and even social; it employs teamwork in the hunt for prey, but once the kill has been made, they will fight for the scraps.
  • Dragon: Aside from the various Maenic deitiessuch as the four Maenic Overlords and the Maenic Lieutenantsthis is the most terrifying of all Maenics. Like the desdrak, it is a so-called Dragon Maenic, a child of Drahc Uhr and Zirae, two of the Maenic Overlords. They have long, scaly bodies, which are both jagged and streamlined, somehow. They are often covered in spikes, as well, but there are many variants of dragon. Most, if not all, have two hind legs and two wings that double as a second set of legs on the ground. This works because the wing can be extended up by the middle, as it is attached to the fifth finger that extends from there, much like a real-world pterosaur. Dragons are extremely intelligent; they can even speak, not with their mouths, but with magic. Their nature is magical, and they utilize this with many attributes and abilities, such as breathing magical fire, withstanding potent magic, flying even though they are immensely heavy and even jagged and rough, and much more. All in all, if you meet a dragon and don't find cover within a few seconds, just close your eyes and wait for death.
  • Faerhart (plural: faerharti): The name of this Lesser Maenic translates as "fireheart" and symbolizes the fact that they are destructive and ruthlessly efficient. They were created by Drahc Uhr, and are his primary minions. Resembling humans, but with stronger bodies, black skin, and demonic features, they are cruel and love to kill. Though certainly not the most dangerous Maenic, they are far from the least lethal. They are intelligent, sentient beings, though they are assuredly sociopaths. They usually taunt their mortal enemies before they kill. As long as the faerhart talks, one is safe, but know that it is leading somewhere bad, very quickly.
  • Son of Razar: Also called dark adams, these are the original and the only natural Beast Maenics. Where the others were created by the Maenic Overlord Razar experimenting on the eggs of his spouse Minara, the Sons of Razar, of which there are only males, were made by the two deities breeding. Why all of them are male is anyone's guess, but some say it was because of Razar's strong desire to sire a son; others say it was just dumb luck, but since hundreds of these foul creatures exist, that seems unlikely. Either way, Sons of Razar are small, humanoid creatures; they are not much taller than to a man's knees. Their complexion is blacker than the night, and their eyes are empty. It has long arms with sharp claws. Its round, flat face looks almost like someone has hit it with a shovel, but its mouth full of small, sharp teeth are enough to stop anyone from laughing; as are their claws, when they rip into flesh and tear a body asunder, one slash at a time.


  • Bone guard: This is a mindless drone, created by Drahc Uhr by locking the soul inside a body that has very recently died. As such, this undead creature is indeed dead, in a sense, but it can still draw power from the soul. To clarify, the soul is not in control and whoever the bone guard used to be before death is gone, locked away deep inside with the soul, but the soul is still useful, as it sustains the magic that created the bone guard and makes the undead creature strong, durable, and everlasting.
  • Bone Priest: This is a powerful, immortal creature, of which there are only seven. They were created by Drahc Uhr, and are thus the result of a deity's magic. They are consumed by darkness and their souls are forever corrupted, but they are more aware and also much more powerful than standard liches. Though they are beneath the stature of a dragon, they command the vast armies of bone guards. They were also the ones behind the initial Dragon War, as they soul-summoned dragon eggs into Siva; it was for this loyalty that Drahc Uhr bestowed upon them power and immortality.
  • Hollow man: This is a normal being, for example a human, that has lost its soul. It is alive and conscious, but still its core has departed. They must thereafter turn others into hollow men to satiate a hunger. If they do not feed, their bodies wither into death. Much is unknown about this condition, as a person who has been made into a hollow man is basically in two places at once—the conscious body is in one and the soul in another.

  • Liche: A liche is pretty much the same as a Bone Priest, but less powerful. Where the Bone Priests were created by a deity, liches have made themselves, in the sense that a dark mage tried to give himself eternal life. They have become totally consumed by darkness and their bodies are withered and rotten. However, their magic has become much more powerful and, even though this wasn't what the mages had in mind, they have eternal life.
  • Portal wraith: Not much is known about them, except that they somewhat resemble humans, but with broader shoulders and no legs. They are made of energy, and inhabit the magical layer of Siva. They are drawn to gifted ones, perhaps to feed on their magic.
  • Soulless one: A soulless one is the corpse of, for example, a human, which has been reanimated by the virus that killed the human. Thus, the body has no soul, but can still be considered alive. Some believe the virus that has claimed the body can be considered one organism, one soul, but it is unstable and not meant to be in control of a human body, which is why the body rots. A soulless one's sole purpose is to kill, spread the disease, and eat so it can continue "living".


  • Wind people: They are people made of wind. Nothing is really known about them. What they are is a matter of much debate. Some say they are ghosts, lost souls, while others say they are some sort of magical and perhaps immortal beings.